New Roast.World now in Beta (Official Feedback Thread)


First get to your Dashboard and choose Users. What pops up is the universe of Users registered on R.W. In the Search box enter a user name, then click on the result. I think that gets you what you’re after.


Yeah… PITA. I tried deleting it but no joy!

I saw several of my profiles show Unknown bean but that was early on. When I went thru my roasts yesterday all those instances were gone, in part because I had edited a few to add the correct bean. In general it feels like the handling of Beans is better than the old system: I’ve been able to add & edit Beans and adjust inventory with better results than before… just not the issue it was in the past. Once duplicated vendors gets under control I probably won’t give it any thought. Well… I’d like to have inventory in $-per-lb & lbs (to go directly from invoice to inventory), but I can live with gm & kg.




The setup you mention is only relevant to RoasTime 3. In this thread I’m referring to the inability to change the scales online in beta.Roast.World .
So it seems like we still can’t do that online. Most of my roasts have different scales that don’t seem to be locked in a ratio to one another or adjusted to the peak ROR or drop temp.


I probably wasn’t clear that I was looking for this option under Beans like it was in the current version of R.W. When you go into My Beans, one could previously access ‘Latest Profiles and Overall’ in a column on the right. Here you can access public profiles of this specific bean two see how others are been roasting this bean. (There were bugs with this as well because if you tried to scroll forward or back it would step thru the user’s profile instead of more examples of the bean you were inquiring about.)

Image of the current version (non-beta) of Roast.World below:

This is where it would be actually useful to click into one of my beans and observe other user’s roast profiles specially filtered to similar batch size, roaster experience level, ambient temp, etc…


Hi, this feature isn’t available on the Beta Roast World yet. We’re working on implementing the non-social features before we bring social features over to the Beta. However, don’t worry, we will definitely bring these features over soon.


I have problems viewing my roasts on one PC, while there are no problems on the PC I use for roasting.

Trying to access this roast:

I get this:

My browser is:


Hi, I’ve implemented this feature on the beta site. Although, the behavior where forwards/backwards on a bean's roast's profile paginates through the user's profile rather than the roasts for a bean is still present. This isn’t a bug but rather a result of the way the pages for roasts profiles are setup.

I do plan to implement forward/backwards to only the bean’s roasts. However, that will take more time since there are some other features that we would like to complete before.


Hey Dan,

This is strange. However, I haven’t been able to recreate this on my end. I’ve accessed the roasts on my end and didn’t get an error.

I will look into this further and get this fixed.


Hi @cash0612 ,

Does this issue also appear on the roast’s page of other users? Can you check and let me know?

I can’t seem to recreate the problem. On my My Roasts and your user profile’s Roasts it seems normal.

Can you let me know which version of Edge you’re using?


thanks for working on the review of other user’s roast profiles.
it works at this stage. I’m using safari on a 13" MacBook Air and that right web panel isn’t always displayed (I have to make sure the browser window is quite large, or else it can also be quite crammed. Consider tweaking the design in a later update. Thanks!


I am seeing the same even on Chrome. Meanwhile, for the other users, it appears fine. Meanwhile, my Edge version is Version 86.0.622.56 (Official build) (64-bit).


Top right icon with my initial in it for my profile in, trying to edit my profile to change time zone, temp preference, and the EDIT button has no action to it. How can I change my default temp profile to Fº?


It works for me on both Chrome and Firefox. Which browser are you using?


Tried Safari and Chrome. Neither

if you want to see whats happening…
And… I’m missing my last 6 roasts on the new version. on 11/16/2020


I’m assuming both are on Mac?
I will let Derrick know about this.


I guess I shouldn’t have combined issues. Is there anything I’m missing on my end for not seeing my last roast day of 6 roasts on New Roast World? I see them on the old site.


I’m guessing but it sounds like you’re logged into the wrong server. Now you’re going to ask how you change that and I have to admit I don’t know how (sorry). There are some instructions at the top of this thread related to the new beta site and login, so probably start there (?).



if you see them on the old but not on then you are not using the new version of RT3. Then you are on an old 2.x.x.
Those profiles on be be synchronized with every few days but this is process we start manually. If you want the best experience then use RT3.


First: I powered up my Dell and tried editing the temperature and time zone on the PC and it didn’t work either.
The “every few days” and “process we start manually” is probably the key. I’m sure they will show up. And yes. Thats why I’m here. I’ve not been on in a while and saw all the changes so am researching and starting the switchover process. RT3 on the next roast… :slight_smile:
Just need to be able to change things to Fº first…


Hi, thank you for the video! Hmm, if it’s working on Chrome or Safari, it’s probably not a browser issue. I will look into this and get it fixed.

Also, did the 6 eventually showed up in your roasts list?