OSX Lab Rats Needed

Hey Roasters!

I believe I have fixed the OSX build issues and I need a few people who are willing to try it out and make sure it runs as expected! Reply here or DM me and I will send a link over for you to download.


Sign me up! Always willing to help!

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I am willing, I’m running Mac OSX Mojave v.10.14.3, pre order Bullett, new IBTS sensor installed.

Hi Mat,
You can send me the link. be happy to try it,
Cees Midden

nb I use a MBP with Mojave

Happy to test! I have a couple of macs with different OS; most recent R1 with IBTS.

I can test!

I am ready and willing to test.

Thank you

me to with Capitan

I can do Mojave & Sierra.

Hey Guys,

I released this version here: OSX 2.1.0 Beta Release


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Thanks! I’ve noticed that Roast Time does not close on OSX. I have to ‘force quit’ Roast Time every time before shutting down the computer. Does anyone else have this problem??

Do you close via Cmd+Q or by clicking on the top button? I send some debugging data when you close the application - I wonder if it’s getting stuck on yours when trying to send. If you could make a little video for me to see, I can help get it sorted next beta.

I’ve tried closing the application by clicking the top “x” as well as by the CMD-Q function. Both result in the application staying open. I’ve allowed up to 15 minutes for the application to close but it never does. I will send a video to you next time I’m roasting.


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I wasn’t able to upload the video on here so sent it to the support email.

Got your email, thanks!

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The software is running really smoothly on my computer. I have a suggestion for improvement though. I usually roast in overlay mode. I would like to see a closer connection between the temp graphs during roasting and the control settings at the bottom, for example by a vertical progress line that connects the two areas or by indicating the controls in the graph or what you might find feasible. This would make it easier to see when a control change is needed.