Power loss during preheating

10 months into roasting with the Bullet, and I’m encountering a weird power loss/instability issue lately. Preheating never completes. The temperature rises to the preset temp and declines, then goes up again - repeats indefinitely (>60 min). At times, it just gives up entirely (RoR stays 0.0 at P7). No error. No red LED blinking. Incoming voltage looking fine based on the RT info box. Tried several outlets in the house, no difference. Called Aillio and they changed the PCB, no difference. Sent the machine to Aillio and they said it worked well in their office. Then, it must be something to do with my environment, but what can it be?

Any thoughts what I can check next?

did u try and take it to a freinds house

if you preheat for longer than 1hr it will shut down. You will have to re-start the roaster to be able to heat up again.

No I haven’t. If it works/doesn’t work at my friend’s place, what would that suggest do you think?

I roast outdoors and this happened to me once or twice. It was because I had the bean chute open by mistake. Cold air kept resetting the preheat algorithm.

Is that so? It appears to go beyond 1hr when the power is unstable or lost. (The time indicator gets reset to 00:00 after 60:00)

Here’s a screenshot of preheating at 61:18.

I have tried restarting RT, restarting the machine, updating both the firmware and RT to its latest versions, changing the power cord, using the external voltage stabilizer.

We are pretty confused at this point and I heard the local Aillio rep escalated the issue to the HQ.

not on mine???
i have preheat over an hour “many” times

why do u wanne PH for over an hour

why does drum and fan say 0 ?

Thanks. I roast indoors and my chute is normally closed. I thought it might be the outside air back-flushing through the exhaust, so I tested without them, but the result was same.

But I also feel it’s the algorithm that is wrongly triggering a reset signal. There is no fluctuation like this in temp or power in my place…

if u press the i info thing on the top right
how many v does it say

This is the info screen during the power loss.

I don’t want to, but I’m just waiting for the preheat to stabilize. I tried few times charging at the peak of the temp hike (before the decline), but I had to abort the roast as the machine kept on losing power during the roast.

Isn’t that standard during the preheating?

no not at all
f should i think be 3 and drum 6-7 cant remember

would u be comfteble takeing it a part at check all wires are corectly seatet
i do that somethimes if i get an error and that fixes 99% of my probs

They are both moving, but somehow showing as F0 & D0 on my RT during preheating.

Do you have any article or video that explains the steps? I’m eager to try anything that can solve this.

It’s pretty stupid, but sometimes even the stupidest things might work. Have you tried swapping the USB cable and port where you connect it to the PC? As I see it, it’s either that or some software issue which is not directly RTs responsibility. It might be something else on your PC (laptop, MAC…) that’s interfering. If you have another PC at hand, you should try that too.

I really hope it’s something stupid. Speaking of USB cable and port, I have tested with multiple of them against different PCs (MacBook and iMac). Agree that it is not the problem with RT. (I get the same issue when the Bullet is preheating in stand-alone mode = not connected to PC)

See, I didn’t have that info. So, it happens, from time to time, that you bring in your whatever for repairs and they do not take the problem seriously. Just connect it, swap the PCB, connect it again and it works. Now, they certainly don’t have the amount of time you have, and I’m not pointing fingers, just saying it happens. Also, who says that there couldn’t be 2 faulty PCBs. Also, did they swap out the front control panel PCB or something else? I wouldn’t go too far if the warranty is still valid, but here are 2 videos about the control PCB and how to open it.

Every time the power is set to P0 it will reset the timer. For some users this never happens so it will shut down after 1hr. This is not the case here though.
I tried to go through the logs, but seems like I only have logs from late April.

Are you on any chance on a 60Hz line such as a 220V line in Canada or the US?
In that case you should update the firmware to the latest version as we fixed a bug for 60Hz users where the induction would sometimes stop. Your firmware is 605 I believe and this problem was fixed in firmware 610 and upwards.

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I’m on 220V 60Hz in South Korea. I currently run 610 but unfortunately getting the same issue. Also I started to observe instances where the induction does not even start. Here we can see P7 for >69min with no sign of actual power.

If the firmware is dictating the power control based on certain electricity properties, would there be a chance 610 is still having some edge cases unsolved?

Anyway, I think that someone with knowledge and tools should take a look at this roaster. It can’t be that it was working for over a year in the same conditions, with the same power and now it suddenly won’t. I mean, what changed? kohaii had the best answer. It must be something with the wiring or a PCB. As I understand, the induction does turn on except in the example above? Could be the induction module, but the Bullet signaling 0 on fan and drum means there’s some sort of a different issue.