Printed vent parts

Hey all.

The printed vent parts A a B. When used together, does this fall under the “sealed” category?

I think if you’re referring to the parts on the Aillio website, no, they are not sealed (well, the cooling tray adapter is, but that’s not a big deal). There is an air gap around the part that fits into the exhaust. I actually found this part to be less effective than a small hood over the exhaust (some smoke escapes with the 3D printed part). I am, however, using a 4" inline fan. If you used a more powerful 6" fan with adapters to fit a 4" pipe, you may not have the same problem.

Yup, that’s what I was referring to, thanks!

Would you happen to have a picture of your setup?

Take a look at this thread and you’ll see all sorts of setups

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Sure thing, mine is here (in the thread that @blacklabs referenced): Exhaust hood options - #79 by walking_line

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