PRS button sticks during roast and gets into a loop?

Has anyone else had a problem with this PRS button? Mid roast it throws an error then gets stuck down and goes into the cycle. the machine is 3 months old and always cleaned. any input would be welcomed…

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Which PRS button? The soft button in RT4? or the hard button on the Bullet control panel? If the latter, yes I’ve had that issue if I press too hard with any sideways force. Seems to want light perpendicular force on the button. Try using a tap vs. a firm push… that’s when I get into trouble cuz I’m trying to do 3 things at the same time! In my case the thicker portion of the PRS ‘button’ gets caught under the edge of the hole in the plastic cover.


Edit- you may want to try replacing the clear plastic face of the Bullet control panel (it comes with the speaker already attached). There may be a slight curvature to the panel you have which can lead to uneven pressure on the rubber membrane with the button protrusions. This is pure speculation but I’m fairly certain I had less issue with one of the older panels (I’ve had to replace the panel a couple times because I damaged the speaker connection- so use caution by detaching the speaker connection carefully). Just a thought for you to consider.

Apparently I’ve been brushing this off for awhile. I had the PRS button stick under the edge of the clear plastic face plate when I ended the roast. This has never been an issue (that I recall!) until we got to warm summer temps. I’ve had the roaster stop the drum and power seemingly shut off when I hit the PRS to end the roast. I blamed it on a power shutdown executed by f/w and assumed I had hit a temp limit which coincided with the end of the roast. I have had that happen and in that case I lose the data from the just-completed roast. In this more common case (perhaps 5 or 6 times now) the roast data is saved and the drum, power and fan all go to zero. The effect is that I have to tip the roaster to drop the beans before they are destroyed with heat from the still drum.

That latter case occurred yet again today (data saved; drum stopped; view light at the door goes dark; cooling tray fan shuts off; exhaust fan stops) and I had to tip the roaster to drop the beans. Again.

Thanks to your note I had in mind the possible problem of the PRS button having gotten trapped under the edge of the hole thru which it protrudes. And that’s exactly the case: PRS button was momentarily (over a second?) stuck under that edge of the cutout. About a second later the drum stopped, the LED above the door went dark, the cooling tray fan went silent and the exhaust fan stopped. I was the problem: I hadn’t used a tap to operate the PRS and managed to push the edge of the rubber button under the face plate cutout.

Now I’ll get yet another face plate and see if tha solves the problem. Or maybe I have to follow my own advise and tap the PRS button instead of mashing it. Yeah, guilty as charged!


ps- I’ll do some editing, I probably repeated myself 3 times, Mea culpa!

Just happened to me right now after 5 roasts, suddenly mid-roast the Bullet is having an epileptic seizure with the PRS cycling for 15 seconds full speed (pretty funny with the machine’s voice) and then going into cooling mode.

Haven’t heard that description before- you managed to get some ‘special effects’!

In this case it was mostly annoying since your roaster got into cooling mode and didn’t lose the roast profile. I guess you dodged a bullet (ugh! bad pun). I haven’t had a recurrence since I consciously started tapping the PRS instead of mashing it (hard to remember when rushing!). And I replaced the clear plastic face plate. Doesn’t appear to be a universal issue though- we’re just lucky!


Thinking about it some more, it may have something to do with how my workspace is arranged. The roaster is sideways on my workbench. Maybe that has to do with not hitting the PRS squarely… ??