Public Beta for Mac version of Roast Time! (And Roast.World!)

Hi everyone.

We’re happy to announce an open public beta of the Mac version of Roast Time. It is still a young project, and it lacks some of the functionality of the Windows version, but you can already control and log roasts on it. And it also allows you to access another important beta, that of Roast.World. (Windows users are gonna have to wait…)

Roast.World is a space for coffee roasters to gather and share their experiences. Again, since this is a beta, much of the planned functionality has yet to be implemented, but there are some cool things you can do already.

The link to download the beta of Roast Time (and its documentation) is here

The software will prompt you to create an account at

When you login to Roast.World for the first time, click the ‘Help’ button at the top of the page or simply head to for an overview of how to use the website.

The coders at Roast.World can be reached via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the top of the site. They are eager for feedback.

Please send Roast Time feedback and bug reports to [email protected]

Have fun!

I downloaded and signed in with my Mac. Problems encountered were that it showed one attempt to roast which I had to abort and then didn’t show subsequent attempts. Also when I tried to upload a profile photo it does not upload, but that may be an editorial decision based on my photo…

I really dont understand all the software stuff taking that long time to make… even the Windows version are still not stable.
Why u dont go all in…

Hi Mike,

Please send a mail to [email protected] with as much information as you can regarding any issues with Roast.Time, and use the Contact Us form for any issues/feedback with Roast.World. That makes it much easier for our staff to track potential issues and assist users.


Hi Dean,

We’re not hearing about any stability issues with the Windows version that aren’t caused by USB cables, though there were some issues with a Windows update a little while ago. (And we did manage to find a good local supplier, so we now ship cables with new Bullets). If you’re experiencing a bug or have other feedback, please send an email to [email protected] with as much information as you can about your computer and your symptoms. The more you can tell us, the better.


Okay thx.
Im just using double secured cables and still i got problems.
I just have the feeling, the software is unstable with windows.

But to be hornest, i have not use computer for 4-6 month now.
Maybe i should try to install the software again and see how it goes :blush:

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The issue was with the cable connection not being secure. Once I made sure the cable was secure all worked well.


Hi I did use it January still the same version, however die anyone find out how to import the roast time windows profiles?

Under Mac there is a Folder in Application Support here I cant see . json profiles, windows Aillio folder in Documents with profiles

Hi Kurt,

At the moment it isn’t possible to import old .json files, though I believe they are working on this.

Why not open source the Mac app? I love roasting coffee and writing code. By opensourcing we can collaboratively make the app better.

I used the Mac software when I roasted yesterday. This was my second roast using this software. The visual only went up to about 8 minutes in to the roast and then stopped. The roast went on for almost 15 minutes. The first time I used the Mac it recorded all the way to the end. Not sure what happened yesterday.

I just did back to back 1000g roasts and it went quite well. Feedback on the Mac OS version:

1: second roast did not record cleanly as a second roast meaning it carried some of the time recording as a continuation of the first roast and didn’t allow for marking the FC, it recorded it as the time of the first roast FC.

2: there is no way to go in and change data after the roast, i.e. to correct the time of FC etc.

I know this is a bare bones version and I am looking forward to when it is equal and beyond the WIN version.

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Hi… I had the same problem for unable to mark the FC of the 2nd roast.

I will report this for you – for future reference you can report any bugs you have to [email protected]

I know that a lot of the functionality is still limited, but new releases are coming on an almost weekly basis. The latest install addresses the 2nd crack issues and also features: “renewed look based on feedback, settings graph revamp based on feedback (similar to windows), controlling roaster from roast time fixes (drum + and - button were broken), deletion added back into roast time, crack button changes whether you started from roaster button or rt button, Facebook login is implemented, replays, better loading messages, and forked roasts.”

I used the latest 1.1.0 Beta 1 and my roast stopped logging at 4 minutes… :frowning:

Just had 2 roasts back to back that logged fine! So like others it seems to come and go.

If you mark the cracks with the button it does not reset when you start a new roast.

Is anyone knowing how to create the bean profile in the Roast-Time Mac version?

Hi Francis. Once you install the program, you should be able to simply connect the roaster to your Mac via USB and go. It will automatically save profiles.

(Be sure to also create an account in order to store your profiles on!)

Hi, Kafei,

Yes, This is correct. But can’t select bean name. There is even none bean can be selected.
Where I can build up my own bean’s profile? Thanks!