Removing the IR sensor


Hey guys,

I am roasting on the Bullet 1.5. I have had non stop issues with the IR or IBTS. First the fan failed. They sent me a new one. Then the glass got dirty constantly. I was cleaning the sensor every 3 roast. Taking the machine apart so many times caused some wire to fail, so I had to rewire parts. Now I am getting the error that the fan is spinning to slow again and it is beeping at me.

I have stopped using the IR sensor data because useless unless I clean it every 3 roast its so far off, that its not even useful data. I would like to just fully get rid of it and save myself the headaches that it has caused.

I have emailed Aillio support about this, but no response. Has anyone else removed it and roasted with out it? What is the procedure for removing the wiring so it doesn’t cause errors?



I don’t think you can do that John. IBTS (Drum Temp) is used to set pre-heat target. Plus removal would cause an error in the f/w. If you don’t clean the IBTS lens, Pre-heat will be higher than you have it set.

Though not as bad as you describe, I’m running into the same frequent cleaning- maybe 3 roast sessions (15-20 roasts). My IBTS replacement fan is fine, however. More than 17,000 RPM by the time I finish the first roast (starts out about 16,000 RPM). But then I don’t roast nearly as much coffee as you!



You might want to check this note.


I figured as much about an error coming up, but was hoping there was some way of doing it. I don’t think it is a connection issues such as the link you sent. It never reads 0rpm. Just really slow. Like 200rpm.

I also realize it is the target for preheat, but I don’t use that because it is so far off. I manually switch the machine from pre-heat to charge every time. It typically goes right into roast mode when I hit the button, even before I drop the beans. It thinks for some reason that they are dropped? All fine though. I use the probe temp to decided when to start the roast.


That’s what my IBTS fan was doing when they declared it dead: less than 5,000 RPM (the low limit as I recall). Your original one as well iirc.

A few others have mentioned that same thing recently- goes into Roast on its own. Sounds like you just push through it.

I keep telling myself to watch Bean Temp (probe) but as I get close to the drop I choke and end up watching Drum Temp. Old ways die hard around my place! :grin:



Makes sense. I already have my IBTS fan fail once. Has Aillio customer support email dropped off the face of the earth?


I remember when you replaced your IBTS fan. A few days ahead of me. It sticks in my memory cuz your fan had a huge amount of smoke/dust/crap on the impeller. Mine had almost nothing on it and was just as dead.

At the time you pointed out the way the cooling tray can blow smoke across the power board cover. I replaced my power board last week (not much smoke residue on it) and my first roast was very dark. The cooling tray blew white smoke right across the power board just like you predicted.

The techs may be busy… a few new Bullet owners have posted issues here.



Thanks for the update @bab. Seems like a lot of folks have done the power board replacement. I still have not. I am at roast 1260, and 925kg. I do wipe and vacuum the bottom of the Bullet regularly.


Hi John, think the software can solve the problem if you have the choice to preheat on the probe / preheat on the IR. The probe might not be as precise but is consistent, and the IR is precise but not consistent. I tend to observe only the probe, but how do I know the temperature at the start if the IR is not working properly? And how is it possible the sensor gets dirty, even on a low fanspeed?


The probe is just reading the air temp inside the drum. I go off that.