Replacement front glass

Hi, the front glass popped out of my Bullet R1 after about 25 roasts. I was able to just pop it back in for the next roast (not sure what is holding it on?) But the next roast took a few minutes longer than I was expecting, so I’m guessing there’s some leakage. I would love to get a replacement door/glass. I’ve found a site that sells it for EUR29 but they don’t ship to the US. Somewhat annoyingly, I wrote to Sweet Maria to ask for help (where I bought it) and they ignored me. Where do people get replacement parts?

As you realize, it shouldn’t fall out. Start a trouble ticket with Support at Alternately contact your dealer that supplied the Bullet. In any case get a replacement on the way. If you bought it used then go the Aillio Support route and get a replacement ordered that has the right specs.


Contact support or glue it back in place with some high temperature RTV silicone.

Thanks everyone. I used bab’s link and they responded right away, sold me a new door with glass for $29 (shipping was another $30, ugh, but I get it.) maybe next time I’ll use Jacob’s tip, but would rather have a factory-sealed one.