Replacement Parts Kit

My Bullet R1 V2 over the past six seven months has worked like clockwork. A few errors here and there but nothing major. Going past my 400th/400KGs roast tomorrow. My monthly roast volume is inching towards the 50Kgs mark. I dread possible parts breakdown.

How about a replacement parts kit comprising the ones that need replacing: bearings, fans and sensors.

The toolkit is immensely useful. One with parts would ease breakdown/downtime woes. Something that can be bought along with the roaster.


I like this idea (although I have yet to need any parts).

Along with bearings, maybe also include another set screw for the fan, that one seems easy to lose. And belts. And maybe a second bean chute plug.

Write to Aillio and they will sell you a first aid pack :slight_smile:

This is a great concept!

Being able to have “consumables” on hand for replacement when necessary means less downtime when something does wear out.

Back in the day with my Behmor 1600, i had a drawer of replacements that i had pre-ordered for just such a reason.

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