Roaster is disconnecting post-roast and I lose the roast

One moment the roaster is connected to roast.time as it’s able to continue charting, and then after I drop the beans and cycle to cooling/shutdown, it shows the roaster has disconnected, and I end up losing the data for my roast. I’m pointing this to be a software issue as I’m not touching the laptop or the roaster during this loss period – I’m just swirling the beans.

This has happened twice now.

Can I get some help? Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to retrieve the profile?

I’d assume the profile data is stored somewhere locally on my machine… cc: @jacob / @mcaillio

I´ve just recently lost three roasts myself.
I’ve started to wonder if the case has been shalfed after two weeks of silence.

were you able to get them back?

For my case, they don’t even show up in RW. They are just not there. And I don’t think it’s any user error as the timing of the RT showing “Roaster disconnected” after a roast is completed both times is just too coincidental.

I’m really hoping they’d be cached locally or something so as not to have data loss…

This is really frustrating. I feel like I can’t trust the software anymore.

which RoasTime are you using?


So the roast I’m missing (on 11/15) is actually a profile that I need. It was the best one from that day.

Do you know how I can retrieve it?

Sorry for the delays @jacob and thank you for the help.

If they don’t show in RT or RW they would not be saved.

Since we will not be updating RT3 anymore please move to RT4, and let me know if this ever happens again.

Not ideal, but okay.

I’ll upgrade and move to RT4. Thanks for the help.

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