RoasTime 3 Release Official Thread


Hi everyone,

Can’t login in

I get the let:
The password is invalid or the user does not have a password.

I try with chrome for Android.



Hey @Jaysidi,

RW and beta.RW use 2 separate auth systems. We migrated everyones data from the old version, but that may be out of date now. Can you try resetting your password via RT3?


I installed RT3 and finally managed to get my recipes uploaded, but when I start up, only three of my roasts are listed: one from 2017 and two from 2020. Once, after a ten minute wait, all the others appeared. It appears that it is not downloading from the server. Is there a way to force a sync download?


Thanks @Matthew, I will try and keep you informed.


Hey @YasBean It should sync down only once and be available offline. Are you re-logging in each time (it attempts a full sync on each login)? I know our new provider is having a couple network issues, so may be possible you are in an affected region.

Are you on windows?


Hi Matthew,
My email is:



By the way, as described in the upgrade tutorial, how can I check if all my roasts are ok on before installing RT3, if I need RT3 to reset my PW and then connect to ?


is it me or cant i overlay and run a recipe at the same time?


Ah, I see. I will send you a password reset for RT3. Didn’t realize that is what you wanted to do. What is your email?


No, you can’t. This is something that will be available soon.


i thaugt i was doing something wrong :slight_smile:

good job so far


@matthew I have been trying to log out and back in again to try to grab the full history, but it does not seem to work. Yes, I am on Windows 10. The odd thing is, it worked once after about 10 minutes, but it did not seem to write to the local cache, so I am still stuck with these three roasts. I guess I will try back later to see if the provider is more stable.


Could I get you to jump on slack to chat with me? We have a slack that we have been using for early testers. Should let me help you a bit quicker:


Sent by PM.
Sorry, by re reading the Tuto I realized…

Edit: reset done, connection ok


Just downloaded RT 3 from Aillio. My Norton antivirus just blocked it and sent me HIGH RISK (TROJAN.GEN.MBT) alert. What’s that about? Is the Aillio server compromised?


Definitely nothing malicious in there… There could be viruses made with some of the same libraries we use and maybe those are marked as signatures in the AV? Or maybe our code signing is failing on build. I can take a look tomorrow morning.

Did the AV block the download or the install?


Windows 64. Both 2.5.7 and 3 downloaded. When I started RT 3, it did launch and does work but on the first time launch I got from Norton:

Severity: High
Activity: Aillio-driver-update.exe (Trojan.Gen.MBT) detected by Auto-Protect
Status: Blocked
No further action required

Also, I use Recipes alot. I did not get the option to install the Recipe backup on the top right screen that you have on your install video. So I am not sure how to bring my Recipes from 2.5.7 to 3


Ah! The driver installation is what the AV doesn’t like. We try to auto install WinUSB drivers for you with that script “Aillio-driver-update.exe”. Your AV prob doesnt like that we need elevated permissions to to it.

If you log out and back in - does that link appear? Or if you navigate away and back? Should be there! If not, let me know.



@matilsky Just in case you didn’t see, I sent you a DM with instructions.


Logged out. Logged back in. No problems