RoasTime 3 Release Official Thread


Now I can login, but the “RoasTime v3 is Here!” window that should appear according to the video only has “guest” credentials instead of a “submit” button. Then, when I enter my username/password to migrate my data, I get an error message that says that email is owned by a user, and password doesn’t match.


On the Recipe import from RT 2.5.7 to RT3, I still don’t have the link to click in RT3 to import. Is there another way to import the Recipes. (Thanks for your hard work on this. RT is a great program)


That is an older (unreleased) version. Did you download from the links via the email? Or did you download from github?


I haven’t received any further instructions…


@matilsky @pnrenton

Can I get you guys to join this slack: ? I can help you figure out whats going on a bit quicker from here.



from the email link


I downloaded from the link in the initial email


I know your problem. If you click on a roast (go to it and view it) and go back to the dashboard, is the link there? I think I have it showing in that same block with the “recently viewed roasts” but if you have no recently viewed roasts it won’t show! Sorry!


Thank you. That worked



I just followed instructions precisely, downloaded 2.5.7, created backups, then downloaded RT3 from Aillio website. Note, the file said that it is version 3.0.71. I was expecting an option to upload the recipies that I had just downloaded, but couldn’t. There is no link in my version asking if you want to upload any backups. Specifically, in the how-to video, when the user opens RT3 there is a link in the upper-right corner of the screen. There is no such link in my program, so I can’t upload anything.

**** Follow Up ******
Well. For some reason the link just appeared. But it wasn’t there initially.

For reference, after writing my initial post, I opened up RT3 to look around a bit, changed one of the default colors, changed the default X axis time, opened a couple of old roasts. Then when I hit return, back to front page, all of a sudden the link was there.

So all good now. But had me scared for a moment.


me too
BUT because too few users (says Norton)
Just read carefully and follow instructions to run each time and all ok


So, just did my first roast with RT3 and having a look. In general, looks great.

One thing that jumps out to me, and which I would suggest as an improvement is to either (1) calibrate the Y-axis gridlines to ROR instead of temperature, or (2) at least give users the option of having those gridlines being calibrated to ROR.

Personally, while the roast is happening, I pay a lot more attention to the ROR curve than the temperature readings. So I would prefer that the grid lines line up with ROR values.


No, the duplicates did not disappear.


Hi I just installed RT3 and my Norton antivirus blocked a Trojan virus attack in the aillio-driver-update.exe file:


You can safely unblock that, there is no virus in that driver installation.


@GStav here is what you are seeing.


OK I just excluded the file from my AV list, much appreciate the quick responses guys :slight_smile:


When a new roast is rated, it can be rated from 1-5 stars. However, when looking at the roast history roast ratings only show between 1-4 stars. This is just a little inconsistency that should be easy to remedy.


This worked for me too! I had the exact same problem, and I looked at a roast, changed a default color, and viola! the link appeared. I’m sure others have this same issue,


For anyone else, check out this comment I made: