RoasTime 4 Open Beta and Testing

Hello all!

Another major RoasTime release is nearing and we have released it to early testers over the past month. We are ready to expand our testing group and are releasing the latest version as an Open Beta!

Please be aware that we are still updating almost daily, so you will be on the “bleeding edge”. RoasTime 3.4.x will continue to function and we have no plans to deprecate it, but it will receive no updates and our full attention is going to RT 4.x going forward. You can go back and forth between the 2 versions, but it will require you to re-install each time.

Also to note, RT4 does not support Windows 32 bit OS. Microsoft has deprecated it and so are many of the toolings that we use. We currently verify and test on:

Debian x64
Windows 64 bit
MacOS M1 (via Rosetta)
MacOS x64

So what is new?

Out with the old, in with the new.

As we all know, technology changes quickly. Some of the core technologies we have chosen in the past have had major updates which required us to re-work a lot of our core systems to take advantage of performance improvements.

You will see in RT4 that there are multiple versions of the application. That is because we have broken the application into multiple pieces of functionality. This will allow us to scale easier going forward as we continue to grow our team.


These versions are important for debugging purposes and auto-update frequently as they are the main portions of the application. The “main” application will not update frequently. You will receive an in-application notification when an update has been made.


Since we had to re-work so much, we took this time to make RoasTime multi-lingual. You can choose languages we are working on support for in the config.

Note: Many languages are still missing some translations, but we are working on getting them fully translated.

Recipes Changes

One of the largest complaints about recipes is that there was no support for triggers without a time. We have made this possible in RT4.


Note that it is still possible to use a time by checking the “Advanced Settings” box on the recipe editor.

Performance and General UI

We have moved pieces of RT4 into native languages to squeeze out better performance from our application. We will continue this trend going forward.

Along with performance improvements, we have made multiple UI adjustments based on user feedback. We will not go into too much detail, but you will notice many changes/improvements through the application such as better notifications.

There are still some outstanding issues we are working on and not everything is implemented, but the early testers have been using it for a bit over a month and some are exclusively roasting on it now. Don’t feel you must update, but we want to give you the opportunity to give us early feedback and be a voice in the direction of RT4.

Thanks and happy roasting!




thank u for rt4
sorry guys i have to write this in danish because my english is not that good, so i can explain this propperly

jeg har nu kørt nogle rist på rt4 firm 602 på en bullet 1,5
mine erfaringer/bugs
når jeg starter et rist med en opskrift, så starter den ikke med første punkt, det skal jeg indstille manuelt, men de næste punkter i opskrift køre den fint, bruger denne af mine opskrifter
peru niga 600g CLONED CLONED
når jeg rister back to back, så vil den have jeg skal gå ind og vælge en opskrift igen, det er pisse irreterende, det sku man ik i rt3
starter en back to back rist, efter det så trykker jeg på edit sidste rist, der er 2 ting
1 de fleste gange jeg trykker på den, er det ikke det sidste rist, men måske det forrige eller en af de andre på listen, har ikke undersøgt nærmere, men antager det er det forrige den vælger og ikke det sidste rist
2 man kan kun trykke på den knap en gang, så bliver den dimed og man har ik mulighed for at trykke på den igen, de er lidt øv

tænkte jeg lige ville give min opdate på rt4, den ser godt nok lækker ud i forhold til før, tak for det gode arbejde

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@jacob would it be posible to change, when i have to edit my roast, then i start typing in the bean seksion, would it be posible that the things it sugest, is only are the beans there is aktive wichs shows, not the arcived onces

@jacob ohh yes my oil fan 1 and 2 are running, but in roaster info wen i roast it does not show they are running, but no error msg

Which steps are not being triggered?

Regarding starting a recipe again after you have finished one, you have two options:

  1. In cooling mode, press F1 to enable back to back. Now in RT you will have the option to restart the recipe again. However, if you press F1 and then PRS then it will go to preheating mode, and the option is gone.

  2. In Settings you can disable “Single-use Recipes”
    When this is enabled, the recipe will run only once.

Your questions 1 & 2 will be fixed today, as well as coil fans not showing.

Your feedback about hiding archived beans from the list will be fixed later.

Two things:


When adding a power setting as an action to a recipe I can choose from 0-10.

Isn’t it supposed to be 1-9?


One small change that I had somehow hoped to see, is being able to select “Overlay" and “Playback” directly in the “Actions” tab next to the roast when in “Roast History” instead of having to open op the roast first.

Both the open roast and the “Roast History” has the action tab but they offer a different selection of action.
Having to open op the roast first just adds more unnecessary actions to the process

Any change this can be implemented?

Keep up the good work

the “when roastrer start trigger” is not starting
it starts with p6 f2 d6
but a 185c it goes to f4 and so on
i can se now the 170c trigger is not used

  1. Some bullets have another power step 10.
  2. Yes, we will add this to the actions dropdown and icons.
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We can’t replicate this problem reliably, but will try to solve it. We found another bug in that you can’t set preheat higher than 255. We will fix this shortly.
And yes, in your case the first trigger is meaningless.
Until we get this fixed, you can add a time trigger after 5seconds that trigger P7 etc.

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ohhh why did i not think of that
thx :slight_smile:

anotherthing in edit last roast would be

when i go in to edit, it was ready to type in name, not that i have to ethier press tab or use the mouse to get into name box, after i typed name, i press tab to move to bean(which it is now) after that press tab for green weight after that press tab for roasted weight(move the comentery to after weights, i dont think any one is writing commentery before they have added their info) and for ppl there is not using comentery, the work flow will be so much smoother,
and the new botton u added after name move it somewhere after rosted weight, so it woundt interfer with typing in info

another small thing the botons on the left when i am in rast mode, where i can go to my recipes, roast log(main page) and so on, the botton roast, have a info when u put mouse over it, but that shows by it self when i start roast and mouse is not over the botton, and the the text roasting comes up over time

i hope u dont c me as a pain in the ass, i am trying to give input for making the workflow smoother, and u r in the develepment fase now
i hope u understand what i mean

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another small thing the botons on the left when i am in rast mode, where i can go to my recipes, roast log(main page) and so on, the botton roast, have a info when u put mouse over it, but that shows by it self when i start roast and mouse is not over the botton, and the the text roasting comes up over time

edit i think its hihgliting the last botton i pressed when roast starts

look at my serial, firmware and roasts, that changed some time yesterday after i changed some setting about synking with RW, cant remember what i did

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Is this based on f/w version or hardware??

I believe these are the EU/230 VAC power boards.



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Special hardware / special firmware to test more power. But only for 230V boards, as Bruce said. We have been testing this for a few years now :slight_smile:

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I can copy paste on windows. Which platform are you on?


We have released a new update that should help with profiles not being saved.
Graphing / overlays should be fixed.
A recipe preheating bug (not setting preheat correctly) was fixed.
Coil fans data now shows correctly.
Edit previous profile bugs fixed.
Also, we recently improved firmware updating, if anyone are feeling adventurous.


We have many more fixes in the pipeline, but we need to review them first.

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We are able to replicate it here and will look into it.