RoasTime 4 Open Beta and Testing

Yeah, I confirmed. It’s the new 606 Beta firmware with the fan going to keep the BT down. Switched back to 605, and no issues.

When trying out RT4 make sure to let it update after installation. You will see some notifications about updates are ready to install. It is important to then restart the app.
New features coming out this week. Stay tuned.

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Thank you for RoasTime4
sorry guys i have to write this in chinese because my english is not that good, so i can explain this propperly


我的問題為,在編輯食譜時,Temperature steps內是以溫度由低到高排序,在Time steps內是以時間排序。那麼,能否在Temperature steps內加入自定(時間)的排序嗎?例如:在5:30時,我期望溫度能達到160度,如果低於158度那麼提高power,如果高於162度就降低power,將此時間點的溫度限制在160±2度內,依Temperature steps的溫度排序,在編輯時就容易看到眼花撩亂,如果能自定依時間排序,編輯食譜時就會比較直觀,5:30時間點的2個步驟,它們就在上下兩列,一目瞭然。

Roastime 一直很好,且能持續進化更新,感謝你們的努力。讚!

Google-translated Marcelos post:

There are still some blank translations in the software, but I believe it will be perfected before the official version is released.

My problem is that when editing a recipe, the Temperature steps are sorted by temperature from low to high, and the Time steps are sorted by time. So, can you add a custom (time) sort in Temperature steps? For example: at 5:30, I expect the temperature to reach 160 degrees, if it is lower than 158 degrees, then increase the power, if it is higher than 162 degrees, then reduce the power, and limit the temperature at this time point to 160±2 degrees, according to Temperature The temperature sorting of steps makes it easy to see dazzling when editing. If you can customize the sorting by time, it will be more intuitive when editing recipes. The two steps at the time point of 5:30 are in the upper and lower columns, which is clear at a glance.

Roastime has been very good and can continue to evolve and update, thank you for your efforts. awesome!

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Thank you @jacob & team - the current roast name on the top left is immensely useful and much appreciated. Also the paste last roast button along with the confirmation/information box works flawlessly now.

Much appreciated!!!

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Thank you so mush

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Noticed my first weird issue in RT 4. I don’t use a lot of the features except roasting, so I’m probably dodging some haha.

Scenario. Win10 Laptop turned on from standby, RT4 still running from last session (usually no issues), Roaster plugged into laptop, then turned on and set to preheat.

When it was ready to charge, I got my beans and put them in, then started the roast (not looking at RT4 until about 5min into the roast. ~5min in, look at RT4, notice it’s frozen from a prior roast (shows connected but not showing the roast)Restarted RT4, and the Elapsed time was correct showing ~14min then as I clicked the F1 to annotate FC, FCE, and SC all of those datapoints were showing up as if the roast didn’t start until after I restarted the roast. I.e. FC hit at ~10min elapsed, but the market shows up at the ~5min mark. So it’s marking FC at the time the program’s been open, not the actual elapsed roast time.

Thanks for the report, @prehistoricperk. We’re aware of this issue and are tracking it internally. I’ll write back here when we’re gotten it fixed.