RoasTime 4 Open Beta and Testing

interesting, mine actually recorded the curve correctly, but it notes the “end temp” as a few degrees lower.

It’s timing between hitting the PRS to go to COOL mode and when you open the eject door. I avoid that little blip (I used to get it too) by hitting PRS and hesitating about a second before for ejecting the beans, I’ll speculate you opened the eject door a fraction of a second too early for RT to record the end-of-roast event before beans started dropping out.



So I’ve been finding an interesting behaviour - sometimes when I try to close a different app, RoasTime asks me if I want to close it, and the app I’m trying to close won’t close.

I’m not sure if it’s because the RoasTime app platform is similar to the other apps that I’m using (for example I think both VS Code and Discord are Electron apps - and it’s happened with them) but is there any way for me to find/pass on a log for this?

EDIT: extra info, once I hit ‘no’ for closing RoasTime, if I click away to another app (for example, to actually close it) RoasTime then hangs and I need to force quit it. I have the error log from this hang if someone wants it.

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Has the iROR been removed during preheat? It appeared while roasting two day ago. Yesterday it did not. Cut short the preheat, restarted RoastTime thinking it had disappeared (something I had read for another user) and then thought that it had been removed in the last update.

Another thing - the milestones during roasting have a mouseover event. Can the colour of the button be changed once clicked? I do know that the Undo options appears on click, but having the button colour change would be a good visual cue. Just a thought.

i experienced the iRoR disappearing as well.

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Hey, we did remove IROR during preheat. This was calculated in the software and is not sent from the bullet during preheat.

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Could you take a video of this behavior? I can’t think of any reason off the top of my head why that would be happening (I also use other Electron based apps and do not experience this).

EDIT: all good this time around. iRoR curve in place.

For me, it was during the roast that i saw there was no iRoR line, so i went into settings (that whole drop down menu thing during a roast situation) and i could see that the iRoR line was selected, just not visible during the roast.

Will try again. Has not been an issue since i went to a new theme. Might have been a theme import issue?

I’m not sure if i mentioned this, or if it has been reported before, so my apologies if it has. But RT4 doesn’t show a changelog when it’s updated, I just have RT3 changes, so no telling what’s been changed with the updates, I’m thinking this may just be due to BETA. Thanks.

Bit hard to video because it happens in the background, but here’s a whole screen grab uploaded to a folder on my dropbox, along with a file with an error report: Dropbox - RoastimeIssue - Simplify your life

What happens: before the ‘close’ dialogue on Roastime pops up, I’ve used CMD+Q to try closing Discord in the foreground. As you will see, I can’t bring roastime to the foreground unless I specifically click on the title bar of the app. I dismiss the dialogue in Roastime and try a second time, which has the same behaviour.

Then I bring Chrome to the foreground and try to quit Chrome, but nothing happens. I toggle to roastime and once roastime is in the foreground a delayed ‘close’ dialogue appears. I try to click no, but it doesn’t work, and I have to force-quit Roastime.

Having forced it to quit, I’ve saved the error report that wants to send to apple, and that’s in the same folder as the screen capture.

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Hey @readeral,

Thank you so much for the video! This will definitely help to re-create and get this fixed. I filed an internal issue to track this and will update on here when it’s fixed.


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