RoasTime v4.6.6 (hotfix v4.6.9)


As you likely know, we released RoasTime v4.3.2 publicly back in March. Within the past 3 months, you have done 35,604 roasts on RT4 already!

As business as usual, we have been fixing bugs and implementing new features as we go. Once in a while, that requires a “main” change. Your main version is the “v4.3.2” you see when you open the application. Unfortunately, we discovered a bug in our Windows updater that necessitated this force upgrade.

Due to that, we have upgraded RoasTime main to v4.6.6. So what can you expect?

  • Your application should update itself in the background and will take on the new main version when you restart the application (assuming you left it open long enough to update). If it does not or you run into any issue, you can get it from
  • You may need to unplug and restart your Bullet after upgrade.
  • Your “Latest Versions” in the config section will temporarily show less than the actual version you are on. This is due to minimum version requirements we made with this main version and this will rectify itself when we upgrade those dependencies.

What Changes?

TLDR; there has been lots of changes since we released out v4.3.2. As you know, your versions change constantly. But I want to point out a few big leaps that are included with v4.6.6.

  • Fixed a Windows updating issue.
  • Fixed a MacOS “CMD+Q” bug that disallowed other applications to exit.
  • Added functionality to make upgrades more granular (os-specific, user-specific)
  • LibUSB upgrade from 1.0.24 to 1.0.26
  • Some pretty hefty comms changes to support the LibUSB upgrade, fix issues with disconnection on PRS and other related issues
  • Improved logging


As usual, you can expect us to keep releasing fixes and features within our dependencies. We will soon be releasing some UI improvements as well other other features. Please reach out with any questions or issues.


Just updated from 3.4.1. Now when starting a recipe, it shows disconnected then does nothing… This was my 1st attempt at running 4.xxxx. Never had issues on 3.4.1.


@carsononline This was v4.6.6? That sounds similar to the issue a subset of users had in a Comms process from v4.3.2 that we fixed (Starting a recipe goes to Preheat phase). See thread here USB disconnects everytime I press PRS in Roastime 4.3.2 - #42 by mcaillio

If so, can you send the logs from the Config ->Software section? Are you a MacOS user?

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PC user and I just uninstalled and reinstalled 3.4.1 so logs are probably invalid.

Works perfect with 3.4.1. Not really even sure why I would upgrade.

FWIW, mine is a 1.5 with IBTS upgrade.

Update: Will try the hotfix tonight.


If you are happy with 3.4.1, no problem! I heard from some of the team that a restart of the Bullet is required after the upgrade if you ever try again.

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Beta Version ???

4.6.9 works perfect for me now. :slight_smile:

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