RoastTime Freezing mid roast

Ever since the new roast time software, every roast starts fine and then about 5 mins in, the software freezs. The roaster carries on working, but all readings and controls in the software on the PC stop.

Any ideas?

Did you download the latest update that came out on Friday? Roast Time 2.0.7 Windows Update

Yes, I did download it. Happened before and after the update!
Not sure why it is happening…
but very frustrating

That happened to me with earlier versions and agree that it is frustrating. Perhaps @matthew or @jacob can troubleshoot and diagnose

Hey @sspruch,

Sorry for the late reply, I just finished a move back to my home country. We have about 5 or so users having the same issue as you, I am still trying to debug it, but has proven difficult without replication for me.

Can you send me your system specs? (OS, CPU, Memory)

PS. Thanks for the mention @Sambo


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I’m still having a similar issue using 2.0.7 (I think that the latest, its xx.7).

What i found is if I’m overlaying a previous profile and my Internet drops out (yes it happens even with Australias Premier ISP) then RoasTime hangs.

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Same problem here, also poor internet connection where I am roasting.

My issues with RoasTime freezing have been less regular but still occasionally occur. When it does freeze up it is caused by the following:

  • manually pressing “PRS” button to initiate “charge”
  • occasionally when I manually initiate the charge, it skips the charge stage and goes straight into “roasting”
  • at this point, RoasTime is frozen
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