Software not working

help, I started roastime and it said to restart, which I did, it then rebooted my computer for some reason and now I get this error:

Error: backend/unavailable

Failed to connect to RoasTime’s backend after retrying 5 times. Restart RoasTime to try again.

every time I restart, I get this message

It is so frustrating to have constant updates thrust upon us. I’d much rather choose when to install updates. I needed this time to roast, now I am winging it on the roaster without seeing the time/temp graph.

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Some things I would try in that situation are restarting the computer, reinstalling the software, and/or reinstalling the USB drivers.

I have tried reinstalling the software and rebooting the computer. How do you go about reinstalling the USB drivers?

Go to Settings > Edit Settings > Software > Re-install

You might also check out this post where somebody else was experiencing a similar issue:

Can you please tell us which versions you are using?
Go to settings → Software (like the previous post).

Jacob, Matt Yau was able to solve this problem by having me delete the following folder on my windows PC:


All good now! Thanks Matt!

The software wouldn’t even start, so not possible to do this.

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