Some kind of error notification?

No idea what happened here. The roast seemed fine and I did another roast right after without issue? I was a bit worried at first since it’s my first time roasting 1000g. But everything was great…including this morning’s cupping.
*Quite happy doing the 1000g batch with low altitude beans

Looks like the power board may have overheated. You might think about starting a Trouble Ticket with Aillio. They’ll guide you through trouble shooting if they can’t figure it out with just the error codes on the server.

Did you happen to check the error Logs when it happened? It’s the 2nd tab.

It’s already tomorrow in Taiwan so you might get a reply pretty quick (I’m in AZ).


I didn’t. Is there a way to find it post roast? I’ll create a ticket. I’m about to roast some Kenyan now. Crazy that it’s getting too hot when I’m not even getting to second crack😑

When things show up in yellow you are approaching the limit, when the text becomes Red you are very close to the Induction board turning off the power. There is no problem with your board, and you don’t need to submit a ticket to Aillio.

So all these codes are just warnings with buffer room?

My internet is too slow so I couldn’t pull them up to look at them while focusing on my roast

@jacob could you please elaborate what “limit” you’re referring to? It would be good to know what it is and what to do when that happens. I am not roasting 1kg yet, but hope to.

1kg is listed max. But some people push it to 1200g. I don’t think I’ll ever try with 110v though. Maybe if I had 220. If I went to 1200, it would probably need to be a low altitude dry process… maybe

I guess I will find out :slight_smile: I’m in the US so 110v

Ha, I’ve had great luck doing 800 with my very dense Ethiopians and a 270 charge(I’m an American/Filipino using Metric🙃). I normally go to P9 until I’m close to yellow but I’m going to try to stop doing that. I’m happy with the Nicaraguan 1000g batch I did with a 275C charge and only briefly going to P9 and the batch I did at P8. Definitely post about your +1000 if you try it. I really only see people speak of it but I haven’t seen a full graph with people roasting 1200g

So I have been looking at cash0612’s 1kg roast and I might try their method and go from there. There is someone that roast at 1.2kg consistently, look up lav’s roast profiles for that. Whether I actually attempt a 1.2 kg batch depends on how well I “master” the 1kg. Not ready yet :grin:

I’ve been doing a short “heat soak” at the start with P6 for the first minute with the 210C/410F ph temp.

Thai/Chinese in America using imperial for temps but metric for weight! (Lol) :laughing:

Yes those are just info, not errors. In the next release they will show as Info so users don’t get scared.

I don’t recall exactly which limits we use and it depends on what you are looking at. For the IGBT I think the warning (yellow) is at 93 C and the shut off temp is 98C or 100C / Depending on bullet version and firmware.
There are other warnings as well such as Ambient IR sensor which has other values.

I live in South Florida and always roast 1000g batches at high ambient temperatures and high P levels and to hopefully promote the longevity of my power board direct a strong cooling fan at the belly of my roaster to keep things well ventilated. Never get warnings anymore.

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Thanks @jacob

So I started to roast 1kg over X’mas. The IGBT 1 read out definitely went yellow at 93. I am in the US so roasting at v110. This happened on all 4 of my 1kg roasts. I’m in Massachusetts so the ambient temp is “low” - it was around 68F inside my house and I cracked open my kitchen window as well when I roast and there is sufficient airflow under the Bullet as my vent hood draws the exhaust up and out.

I noticed the IGBT goes to yellow in just under 4 mins into my roast. My profile is such that I decrease power as I go, so by 2 mins after YP (approx 8 mins into the roast) the IGBT read out is ok. I’m on V2 of the bullet and f/w 562. So @jacob, are there any mitigation steps to take to minimize the IGBT warning? My setup is shown here Exhaust hood options - #41 by blacklabs and Exhaust hood options - #33 by blacklabs (the vent hood is 900 CFM at max setting and there is a kitchen window I open when I roast that is to the right). I plan to be roasting more at 1kg batches so it would be good to know what advice you (or anyone else) has to minimize this warning.

@miltezzard - you mentioned you roast in S. Florida, what kind of “strong cooling fan” do you use?

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve roasted a kilo of Sumatran and Nicaraguan since debugging my bullet without issue. I keep my house at 64 for pollution’s sake.

*Not really sure what happened with mine. The second fan I put in eventually worked after reconnecting a couple times and backing the screws off a tiny bit. Still have no idea why the first replacement fan managed to work perfectly well for a small number of roasts, then not at all.

So I shamelessly perch a household portable fan on a table next to my machine and direct it at the underbelly. Nothing high tech- just something to keep cool air moving over the board :slight_smile:

Box fan by chance? :grinning: If so I don’t have space for that in my kitchen setup, roasting on top of my stove so I can be under my range vent hood…might find a smaller tabletop fan.

@jacob, I have been roasting 500g batches of beans for a while to learn the machine. I am now starting to roast 800g batches and got error46: 98 and had the power go to P0 on a couple of roasts. I pumped the power back up to P9 after 15 seconds of P0. (Hopefully the beans aren’t scorched)

My question is: Is the board the overheating culprit? Will applying a fan to the belly of the beast help mitigate this overheating problem?

@jacob will have the answer but in the interim I’ll toss this out. Do you have the cooling tray in position under the roaster during a roast? is the fan faced under the roaster (vs. pointing off to the side)? The fan of the cooling tray turns at a setting of (I think) C3 during a roast in order to move air under the power board. It may not be enough for some reason but thought I’d ask.