Storing Outside

I was wondering if anyone stores their Aillio outdoors? I live in Southern California so the weather’s nice year-round, though it does get down into the 40’s at night. Have any other SoCal residents or residents of equally warm places had experience storing their roasters outdoors? Is there damage that might incur? I’d obviously keep it under a tarp to protect it from the rain. Thanks!

Not sure I’d want to leave my Bullet exposed to the whims of the weather gods, not to mention rodents, spiders, bees, mosquitos or other critters that need a home or a quick meal of wire insulation or the oil residue from roasting.

That said, you’re right that the specs (back of the manual) only mention a max operating temp and say nothing about temperature or humidity range during storage.


Yeah that’s what I thought. I’ve been storing it inside and then moving it out to the balcony to roast. I don’t like moving it around so much but I guess it’s better than the alternative.

I live in SoCal and my Bullet is never stored outside. The moisture in the air alone would probably trash it.

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Rubbermaid (and others) makes a couple of utility carts that are fiber-reinforced plastic with 300# load capacity. I chose the one that fit thru my shop door and have not regretted the investment. Not at all spindly and the casters are ‘studly’ enough they don’t gyrate when moving the roaster. Works for me during the 8-9 months I roast outdoors.