Surge Protector?

Does anyone recommend a surge protector for the Bullet roaster? I am roasting on two of them and I am not using one. If so, what would you recommend?

I use one, but honestly I use it as an on/off switch. I don’t like to plug in the power cord to a hot outlet.

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Same as @dpiette I use this one which has a thick wire as well.

Yes. It has electronics. If you have clean power a brown out is unlikely but can happen. Spikes will ruin your day. I like the ISOBAR/Tripp Lites. In some cases I use an AVR and Trip Lite makes a decent one, LS606M. This is all US/120v BTW. All this said I would not spend money on the cheap plastic garbage ones online or at box stores. Been in IT for 30 years and this is a must IMHO. We all spent 3k on a roaster, spend $50 on a quality surge protector.

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If your line voltage is a concern, some roasters go with a variac to stabilize things.

I haven’t but am considering one as the circuit I roast on is fairly crap.


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Here’s the one I bought:

Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 2 USB Charging Ports, 8ft Long Cord, Right-Angle Plug, Metal, 3330 Joules, Lifetime Limited Warranty & $50K Insurance (IBAR4ULTRAUSBB),Black

I have a mobile stainless steel three shelf cart and am planning to do roasting demonstrations at events (wish me luck!) Can never trust their power, and I also have a grinder, heat sealer, and potentially a small electric kettle involved at different points so I spent the money.

Tripp Lite is also really cool for their warranties. I think they have decent $50/80/105 price range options depending on your risk tolerance and other needs.