Temp Issue

I recently cleaned my roaster including the front plate. Now when I roast I’m hitting first crack around 150c . I know this has to be off and I’m assuming something is not reading correctly. The same roast profiles I’ve used that had first Crack around the normal 196c are now much lower. Everything else is the same. Anyone have any idea how to correct this?

You said you cleaned the front plate…did you clean the IBTS, too? Maybe some chaff or residue is interfering with the temp reading. This thread and Bruce’s tips may help…

Lesson Learned - Clean your IBTS

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Thanks for the response. I did clean the sensor but maybe something did get trapped in there. I’ll check again.

A frustrating part of cleaning the IR sensor is that nothing seems to come off the sensor lens to show up on the swab. It can take a lot of cleaning to solve the issue. But that’s the worst offset I’ve heard of. Might even be some chaff partially blocking the viewport.