There is a known bug with the "Force Sync" button in RoasTime 3

Hey everyone,

We’re writing to bring attention to a possible issue you might experience while working with RoasTime v3.

When a new roast profile is created/completed, RoasTime saves the profile locally and attempts to upload the profile to Roast World. If the upload to Roast World fails, we add an upload task to a queue to try again at a later time. RoasTime automatically retries this once the app is open. It also retries when the app is started. In RoasTime v3, we added the feature to manually trigger a full resync that would force RoasTime to re-sync all records with Roast World. This option is seen in the screenshot below and is accessible from RoasTime’s All your roasts page.

However, we recently found a bug in which performing a manual full resync can lead to data loss on newly created never-before-synced roast profiles. These are profiles that have never been synced to Roast World and this can happen if the initial upload attempt fails or if you are roasting while disconnected from the internet. This bug seems to only occur if a full resync is triggered in RoasTime v3. The actual button that triggers a full re-sync is shown in the screenshot below.

How to know if your roast profiles are affected:

The roast profile will show in RoasTime and Roast World. However, when you view the details of the profile, you will see an empty graph with its time data missing. Here’s an example of it (attached image with empty graph). Unfortunately, once this has occurred there is no way to recover the roast data.

How to solve or avoid this data loss issue:

  • We recommend you avoid the resync button. If you give it a little time, RoasTime 3 will automatically sync to Roast World without the need to manually force it.
  • Upgrade to RoasTime v4 as this bug has been fixed: RoasTime 4 Open Beta and Testing - #43 by jacob
  • Roast while you have an internet connection.

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