Tryer arrived broken?

Hi all! Just got my bullet and started seasoning it. I’ve noticed first thing that this tiny piece of metal keeps falling off from the tryer. I’m guessing this tiny piece helps you determine the sides of the tryer. Anyway this tiny piece won’t stay in and it keeps popping off while roasting and it’s really annoying. Is this by design, or should I get it replaced? Thanks! (And sorry if this was already answered. I can’t find a similar post)

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I would get it replaced. You could superglue it in place. It should not come out. The pin is not designed to come out.

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Thanks for the advice billc! I’ll start by reaching out to Sweet Maria, where I purchased the bullet from. Thanks!

Mine arrived the same way direct from Aillio. I have just kind of dealt with it. I couldn’t figure out a way to press the pin into the tryer.


Sounds like a bad batch going on here. Maybe try super glue until Aillio is able to send you a new one?

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Uh oh. Me too. For now I’m living with it and have a tape on one side as an indicator. Hopefully Aillio or SM can send me a replacement. :slight_smile:

Yup! Fingers crossed. And I’ll probably give gorilla glue a try!

I might lean toward a high heat epoxy for that, even though that little pin is outside the roaster. In the States, googling " J-B Weld High Heat Epoxy" should yield plenty of hits.

edit: though I didn’t look at the photo really closely - there’s a little hole for it to sit in so yeah, super glue or gorilla glue would likely be fine.

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It’s on it’s way! Mailman just picked it up.


Yay! You guys are the best!!! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I received my Aillio (from Sweet Maria’s) in October’22 and the trier pin fell out on roast #1. I left it out for a dozen roasts before deciding to superglue it in. It is staying in with superglue for now…

@wattswebstudio.wRwK Glad the glue is staying in for now. Please write in to us at [email protected] if you need a new one. Yours could have been part of a faulty batch.

Thank you for that response Sweet Maria’s. If it falls out again, I’ll make the effort to reach out!
I love the green beans I’ve been getting regularly from you all!


I had the same problem, i just hammered mine back in on a sturdy bench. Worked well

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