Unable to charge at higher temps after updating to Beta 606

Hi everyone,

To give some context, I almost always charged at a pretty high temperature (according to the bean probe) at 220c even though I roast 500g batches. I feel I get best results letting most beans do it’s thing at a single power setting around P6 for 70% - 90% or so…

When I was on FW Stable 605, my usual roasts ran something like:

  1. Preheat for 40mins IBTS 310c
  2. Do a faux roast with no beans to sort of emulate a BBP
  3. End the faux roast, pressing F1 & PRS to preheat up to my intended charge temp at 220c according to the bean probe

After updating to FW Beta 606, I’m unable to reach temperatures above 185c (according to the bean probe) when I set the preheat temp at IBTS 310c; even after 40mins. The temperature reading basically stalls there as the bullet cycles between various power settings to main an IBTS reading around 310c.

My question is, is this normal? I’ve tried charging at the maximum temperature I could get (185c bean probe) and found that my latest few roasts still end roughly at similar end temperatures (both with the bean probe & IBTS). I’ve attached a screen shot, the overlay shows a prior roast of the same bean before updating the firmware.

That said I noticed that the following roast still takes about 15mins preheating to achieve 185c at the bean probe, while previously it would only take maybe 5mins to get back up to 220c at the bean probe.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I regularly clean my bullet and took it apart to check that the IBTS was clean prior to deciding to do a test roast with this “lower” charge temp.

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Yes, that’s probably the case. F/w 606 has a feature intended to reduce contamination of the IBTS during PH. The PH routine now operates the fan at F1. That air movement apparently reduces the displayed temp of the bean probe as it moves some small amount of air past the probe. I use a similar PH (401°,410° or 419°) for my 550gm batch size. I find the probe hangs at about 280°F-290°F/138°C-143°C during the first PH. After doing the first roast the probe drifts down from the lower 300s/150s. However there is still a significant increase in the heat stored in the face plate after the first roast even though the temperature is drifting down.

Bottom line- instead of doing a PH at 410° for all roasts I now PH at 419° for the first roast, then change PH setting to 410° for the 2nd and further roasts. The profiles seem to be similar for all roasts.

The effectiveness of the F1 fan speed for keeping the IR sensor from getting dirty makes it worthwhile to upgrade to f/w 606 imo. I roast pretty dark (FC+ to Vienna) and had to clean the sensor much more frequently than after the f/w mod. For my purposes that F1 fan speed change during PH has been very helpful and I’m happy to adjust the PH for the first roast.