Upgrade availability?

I wish to upgrade my 1.0 to the new PCB and sensor, any idea on availability for both (120v)?

By sensor, if you mean the IBTS then that should be available on the Aillio site to order. I got mine for $60 plus shipping. If by PCB you mean the updated one for the socket for the IBTS, if you don’t fancy your own DIY soldering, that I haven’t seen.

If you mean by PCB, you mean the new V2 power induction board, AFAIK that is still being tested for 120v machines although it is already available for 220v.

Hello I am new here was hoping someone can help me. I have bought a secondhand R1 Roaster and whant to know if the latest software for windows will work on it. it is a V1 and has never had a firmware upgrade.

Welcome - so start updating the firmware, then you can start using the RoastTime2 windows app

I bought the roaster second hand and it is still a V1 would this still work?

Thanks for the help.

Yes, the FW detects your version and adapt accordingly. The Win (and iOX) SW works independently from versions.
Make sure the round glass/filter in front of the IR/DT sensor is completely clean and shiny like a mirror - especially when it is a second hand machine… :wink: - or even better consider upgrading with the new IBTS

Hello Thanks for your help so far. I have been having lots of fun and making awesome coffee. Hoping you can perhaps help me. The heat censors are starting to no longer give the same reading. I am not yet on 180 degrees on the preheat. then i overheat on the other one. Almost 50 degrees deference.

So have you checked the round IR filter, that it is still shiny? I ask because the consequence will be that the drum temperature reading (your PH temp) will decline as the filter glass get dirtier…

Hi @servaasleroux please contact [email protected] with your serial number directly for support. It’s likely your IR glass isn’t clean.

Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has successfully purchased and installed a v2 induction board on a v1.5 roaster. I emailed Aillio support a couple of days ago and haven’t received a response yet.

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