Upgrade with IBTS and V2 Powerboard

Today, I finished my upgrade of my Bullet by adding the IBTS sensor and the new PCB (220v). The whole upgrade is a bit of a challenge, but certainly doable, if you are not afraid of using a (hex) screwdriver and carefully dealing with fragile connectors and a bit of soldering. With some friendly support by Jacob, I did it. The IBTS sensor works great and fast, but the waiting is for the infrared RoR to make it really awesome. The power board works fine. It is noticeably stronger than the old one. Roasting with new setup was easy. I did not waste any beans.


Curious, how did you get the V2 Powerboard upgrade? I’m wanting to do the same upgrade.

If you are in the US, you will have to wait as currently it is only available for 220-240V.

I have 220 hookups at my house. I use one for my Tesla.

Then just order at Aillio

What is the advantage of the V2 Powerboard?

I’m still exploring, but it has noticeably more power. It seems also to be less sensitive for voltage variability of the grid.

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That is why I want it. Essentially I can’t seem to do a reliable 1kg roast with any headroom to work with the RoR…

I did a few roasts with 900 gr. One finished in 9.20, actually too fast.

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That sounds like its the type of power I want.

@jacob - so to convert a V1.5 120v to a V2 220v is all this is required the new power board ? I currently roast on a 120v circuit but have access to 220V outlet which a converted R1 could use…

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Yes, that is all there is required.

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So, 240V @ 60 Hz isn’t a problem for the EU power board?

If that’s the case, I want a v2 Euro-board!! Will they ship to the US? DO you have a USD price?

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Additionally, would it be possible to perform the 110V > 220V upgrade on a first run V1?

Yes it would.

I don’t know which version mine is, but is a 220v for usa. I looked for upgraded power board for sale, but did not see it in the aillio web store today when I checked.