USB disconnects everytime I start preheating

I’m in a doom loop. Running on windows. Reinstalled latest software. Updated driver to latest. Hard restart of roaster and PC. Every time I get started it disconnects as soon as I click preheat in Roastime. Then it immediately “reconnects” and brings me back to the temp select for preheating. Often, my roaster will begin the preheating process but the software won’t recognize it. I’ve tried everything multiple times and would love some help. Super bummed to be spending time with software issues instead of roasting coffee.

Hey @talentpharm.IIsj,

We’re very sorry for the issues you’re experiencing right now. Unfortunately, this is a known issue and we’ve been doing our best to get this fixed for everyone. We have an existed thread tracking the progress of this: USB disconnects everytime I press PRS in Roastime 4.3.2 - #37 by derrxb.

We do have a potential fix but need users to help with testing as we have been unable to recreate the exact issue locally.


Hey derrick,

Same issue here. It happened in the middle of a roast day for me. Everything was running fine on the first week of establishing an actual business now I have to drop everything and fix this issue. Did yours ever get resolved?


Yes it should be resolved. Which version of RoasTime are you using?