USB Drives V4 Will Not Load

I have Bullet #1140 with 606 firmware. Application loads fine on new HP Envoy, won’t load on my dedicated HP Pavilion PC used for roasting. Device control panel shows Bullet connected to USB COM Port 3, but yellow triangle states driver not found or loaded. Have used the new device driver utility enough times to determine futility. Rebooted computer and replaced USB PCIe card to new card. Running Windows 10 on older i7 CPU. Can you provide the drivers so I can try to manually install at the device manager level. Your utility does not seem to be doing the trick.


Hi @nickcharles,

You can follow these steps to install the drivers:

  1. First power up your Bullet

  2. When it is ready connect it to your laptop/PC using the supplied USB-cable

  3. Download Zadig from here:

  4. Run the downloaded file (zadig-2.7.exe)

  5. Choose “Options” and make sure “List All Devices” has been checked

  6. Choose the “Aillio LTD….” Interface. If there is more than one interface choose the one that ends with “1”

  7. Click ”Install”

  8. When the installation has been completed then restart RoasTime 4

Let us know if you’re still having issues.


The Zadig application loaded everything needed and I am now connected on my 7 year old PC to the Bullet. Thanks for the easy solution.


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