User accessible screws?

The peg that spins the exhaust fan is off axis on my roaster and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. Are the three circled screws user accessible? They’re not budging and I don’t want to strip them.

If they are use accessible, what would you all suggest to help loosen them?

(The main issue is that the spinning peg is off axis and i can’t center the fan without it grinding against the metal on the back or being pinched by the rubber gasket)

I had opened that up before but the screws to take that panel out are actually within the holes and hex screws are recessed way inside those holes. I will warn, they are a pain to put it back together.

Thanks so much!

I can’t be sure without rotating the motor shaft but it appears to me the shaft is bent. If I’m right the fix is to replace the exhaust fan motor.

Access is thru the 4 corner holes (the first image above). Use the (I think!) H3 driver in your tool kit. You have to do it blind, i.e. you can’t see where the tip of the driver is as you try to fit the driver to the cap screw (and it’s harder when putting it back together!). Removing those 4 screws allows the other half of the rear cover to come off. That gets you access to the motor.

You’ll need to contact your dealer or start a trouble ticket thru to confirm what I’ve said here and to get the replacement ordered.


Just for the visual learner out there. This is also called out in page 28 of the manual for an unrelated trouble shooting fix

Just as a quick aside, I was expecting the metal part of the bullet to remove for some reason, but it’s the outside black plastic, a mirror image of the chaff collector.