Venting issue

hello community,

this is my first post and am sorry it had to be an issue but hey this is only my 10th roast and the first on the vented setup.

the setup:
semi-flexible duct out the window connected via the official aillio design file 3D printed adapter.

the issue:
smoke comes out the little holes under the adapter but when i open the other window the problem’s gone. (seems almost like vacuum-pressure difference which i don’t understand the science behind )

any suggestions?

If smoke is escaping the vent easily you may want to ensure you have an inline fan in the duct to help pull the smoke into the duct, thus stopping it from escaping into the room around the roaster. I’ve had success with the AC Infinity Cloudline products for venting.

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Am definitely doing that, but i thought the built-in exhaust fan is good to pull smoke out up to two meters

2meters straight. If you run that length and bend, you probably should have an AC Infinity inline fan.

It’s 1.5 meters straight

That looks great!

Well, you are off to a good start!

Is it that you have an air tight house? Or a cross wind? What would cause that much pressure or suction to prevent smoke from escaping?

Do you think the bend or curves in the tube play into it at all? Or would an in-line fan over power the vacuum situation? What are you thoughts?

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actually i thought that installing inline fan would solve the issue, but after you raised the “vacuum situation” point and after reading about the make-up air concept raised by @john_l am not sure what to do. The room has single window with two doors as shown in the image i posted above, a bathroom and a door that leads out. when opening the window door the smokes sucked back around inside the room, i tried opening the bathroom, the window and the door all at the same time but that didn’t solve the issue.
any suggestions?

Wow! That sounds fascinating. Like a science experiment! I’m sure you have some good ideas ready to try out.

My assumption is that it is highly improbable for your house to be truly air tight. So, shutting all the doors and windows would help you. Less air movement. Then your inline fan can over power what little “vacuum” is left over. I think the other roaster suggestion above is on point.

But I’d still be curious to hear what you come up with. You seem like a person who really gets into the nutty gritty details and minutia. I’m sure you are discovering some cool stuff

In the photo I see two ducts going to the window. Is the top meant to be the outlet and the bottom an inlet?

Where exactly is the inline fan installed?

Both are outlets, bottom one is for the bean cooler, as i do 800 g batches. I didn’t yet installed an inline fan

Wonder if you could do a Y junction so that both roaster and cooling tray exhaust through the top, assisted by an inline fan. Then use the bottom opening for makeup air?

I can already simulate that by opening the other window door and it results to smoke being sucked back in the room. Also, I live in Oman where temperatures reach 40 C° most of the year and i wouldn’t want to inlet such heat in air conditioned room where i also store my greens

Have you tried seeing what happens when you vent to the window that does the vacuuming? I know you might not be able to permanently roast there but you can determine if it is a cross wind or some type of negative pressure.

It would give same results as just opening the other window. Anyways i will install inline fan in a week or so and see how things will go, i will update here.

Could it be, you are using the wrong adapter? The one with the little holes under is for venting with a fan assist. There is another one without little holes for direct ventilation.

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Damn! Can you please share the link to that fiile, cause there was only one design on the aillio website

Can’t find it either. Probably not on their website any longer. I have my adapter since many years. They had these in 100 mm and 80 mm. I have the 80 mm and it works fine. I have a similar set up as you have. You could try using only the small part that goes into the roaster with a smaller exhaust line. Or ask Aillio…

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Lovely setup!

Exhaust Adapter Downloads - aillio

I don’t know if you mean this. I apologize if I misunderstood.