Very Frequent ErC issues

My Bullet V2 is starting to give me very frequent ErC errors. Just this morning, I roasted one 800g batch preheated to 280C, and when I tried to repeat that roast back to back it started giving me ErC error 0032 every few minutes. This shouldn’t be happening on the second roast of the day. I also just thoroughly cleaned the machine maybe 10lbs of roasting ago and it doesn’t look particularly dirty. Is it burning out on me? I do use it for small batch commercial roasting but it hasn’t been anything super crazy.

To be more specific, I removed the faceplate and cleaned off the inside/gently wiped the IBTS sensor with a Q-tip as well as the usual maintenance in the back of the machine.

Which ErC? If it’s ErC 6864 it may be low IBTS fan speed. That fan speed ought to be > 5,000 RPM to avoid the error, but typically I see ~16,000 RPM now that it has been replaced. If it is ErC 6864, try this thread.

You probably did this, but be sure to use alcohol with the swab.


I should have mentioned this; the timer shows 0032, and I can’t find anything about that in the manual.

The number 0032 is probably the ErC:

This screenshot is from the on-line manual on the Aillio site ( → Support → Online Manual).

In any case it isn’t ErC 6864 (IBTS fan speed) but rather a overheating issue. If you haven’t already you ought to contact Aillio and start a trouble ticket. They’ll guide the trouble shooting and can get you the parts.


Edit: I just noticed the reference to f/w 558 containing a fix. Is that the f/w level you have installed?

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Awesome, thank you so much. I’ll do that. I should’ve realized 0032 meant 32.

I edited the preceding note while you were typing. Check your f/w version… may save some troubleshooting… ??


Yeah, will do. I’m waiting for my roaster to cool now and I’ll check it after.

Aha! I needed the new firmware update after all! Thanks again for your help.

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