Very Stiff Chaff Collector Lock

Lately my chaff collector lock has become quite stiff, and it takes a lot of muscle and wiggling to dislodge the chaff collector. I tried wiping down the exposed parts with a q-tip wet with simple green, but that didn’t solve the problem. Has anyone else had this issue?

Sweet Marias has a ton of great info you’ll probably want to look at. Here’s one that shows how to access the moving parts on the chaff collector latch by removing the right rear cover:

Best luck! - Brad

I found that installing a simple split ring on the release helps enormously. It becomes an easy to pull finger hold.

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@matilsky I did the same Terry- installed it after the seasoning roasts. Maybe there’s roast “junk” that can collect in the latch or more likely some shavings from mfg that @jmacrae523 has run into, but an easy pull-tab is really helpful.


Thanks for the info! I was able to get into the back of my roaster and give it a nice cleaning. I’ll add a ring tab on the pull latch as well.

you might want to check that the chaff collector is correctly assembled and that the screw connecting the stainless steel plate to the standoffs are flush with the metal. Also make sure the standoffs are not mixed up, there are two sizes.

This was actually the first time I’d ever disassembled it since getting the roast, it had just grown gunked up over time. There were a few instances of coffee condensation leaking from the back of it due to improper air pull (which I addressed of course), but I just needed to get in there and give it a good cleaning. Unfortunately the specific components of the latch are tough to access thoroughly without removing the motor and such but I was able to use Q-tips coated in Simple Green to get the job done.