What on god's green earth is this sound

I haven’t even roasted more than 4 kilos including the seasoning on this thing and have had nothing but problems with it. Super frustrated.

My latest issue is this god awful sound: bullet noise

I figured at first it was a loose belt, but damn…after only 3 kilos? Followed the guide in my operator’s manual and took off the chaff collector, etc., pulled the drum to the right and re-tightened it. Boot the bullet back up, sounds fine.

Preheat for my roast and here it is again. AGAIN! How can this still be happening?

My guess is that the impeller fan is misaligned. It’s either hitting the back or the chaff filter in front. It would exacerbate when hot.

Hi @kintsugi,

It’s a little hard to distinguish with just the audio, but the noise might come from the Chaff Filter popping out and rubbing against the Impeller. Could you try reseating the Chaff Filter? The Chaff Filter should sit inside the groove of the Chaff Filter Adapter (rubber). If the issue persists, please provide us with some videos, or send us an email at [email protected].

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I’ve had a few people mention that as the culprit. Can I take off the chaff collector during the charge and check if it happens again or do I need to cool it down completely before checking? What about during a roast?

Appreciate your help!

You can try taking off the Chaff Collector and see if there are any scratch marks on the Impeller or the Chaff Filter. Alternatively, you can try lifting the Chaff Filter. If it comes out easily, then the Chaff Filter is not sitting properly.

If you would like to check it during Roasting Mode, you can turn down the power to P0 so the Bullet doesn’t get too hot.

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