What to use as a fan?


I have damaged the wire again when cleaning the bullet and the cooling fan ain’t working again, for the time being I ordered a coffee bean cooler from Amazon in order to have a better option as I can’t keep ordering the wire everytime I mess up cleaning.

With that being said, my shipment still needs 14 days and I need a fast solution to roast, the machine works perfectly and I regularly clean it, but I need a solution that can be found anywhere that is simple and cheap for cooling off the beans.

First though for me was an ice bath under tray to shock freeze the beans when I drop them but I find it very messy and a bit risky, I don’t prefer to wet my roasts and also the schaf will be stuck in the tray afterwards.

Any ideas? Or shall I risk it and drop them earlier?

*I have a coffee house that is relying on one bullet aillio unfortunately.

Thank you

The wire on the fan or the wire on the cable that goes to the roaster? In any case, a wire can always be soldered or cut and then intertwined with a little bit of electrical tape over it for isolation. You could also add some wire, which you surely have lying around somewhere. I’m certain you couldn’t have damaged the full lenght of it. But if you know you’ve damaged it, you must know where. If it’s broken pins on the end of the cable, that would require a cable replacement, but I don’t see how one can damage a wire irreparably. If you don’t see yourself up to the task, please leave it be and just order a replacement. I’m only saying what I would do, not what you should do.

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I broke the pins and this is the second time, that’s why I am saying I can’t fix it without replacing it, which am doing for the whole tray.

But again, any urgent solution to cool down the beans that I can pull asap?

Thank you

A quick and dirty solution would be to get a large fan to point at the tray while stirring the beans. They need air flowing through them, which is what the tray fan provides. To cool more rapidly you could also freeze the cooling tray and put it in place right before dropping the beans.

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As a Temporary solution: you could use a shop vacuum and make an adapter to fit the existing fan case. The shop vac should have enough air flow to cool the beans and not get bogged down.
You would have to manually turn on the shop vac after you drop the beans.

I don’t know where you are located. Amazon has a couple of coffee bean coolers for under $100.00 US.

An 80mm 115 volt AC muffin fan could be mounted, but it will not have air flow volume to draw air through the beans.

Here are the specs for the fan:
The CFM is very high for this size fan

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OK, that’s now a clear explanation of what happened. Well, I have done this in the past with fans. I’d just connect the wires to an adapter that provides the right current, 24 VDC in this case, and plug it directly into a socket. I don’t know how much control the board exerts on the fan, but I think it just goes on max, which should be the result you get when you connect it to an adapter and plug it into a socket. The thing is that that you should have an adapter lying around, as I did, for that to work. I repeat, if you don’t really feel confident doing this, or don’t have a high enough understanding of these things, wait for the replacement. I’m just listing the possibilities without saying you or anyone should try doing so. In short, I decline any responsibility for any wrongdoing. If you decide to go through with it, here’s a tutorial…


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Another option to quickly cool the beans after you dump them is put them on top of a box fan, put the box fan between two chairs or something to raise it so you have air flow. Quick and dirty solution if you have a box fan available.

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Thanks for your help.

I did this but not me personally, I went to a nearby electrician who did it for me in less than 30 mins cheaply and the fan is even stronger now.

Asked him to add a button to use for on/off.

Check it out.

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The important thing is that you can use it now. I’m really glad all went well and you’re ready to roast, or should I say cool again. Thanks for letting us know how it went.

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This is brilliant! I might do this!

Thank you for sharing!

Regarding cooling beans, from prior to using the Alillio, I have a 16" sieve that I place on a 22" fan - cools beans quickly, and blows out the chaff…

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I’m just rather overall puzzled by the Aillio cooling thing. It works exceptionally well at 350g and smaller, but is a bit of a joke on 600g and above. Not to mention it blows hot air onto the IGBT1 sensor :sweat_smile:

But I was super happy they include one with the purchase. And I still use it. I probably should upgrade.

For example that power switch option is really cool, so I don’t have to end a batch to use it.