Where to buy extra parts from the United States

I am located in the United States, and I am trying to buy an extra exhaust fan impeller and chaff collector filter. Sweet Maria’s doesn’t have this in stock, and I have tried aillioroasters.co.uk and roastrebels.ch, but it looks like they don’t ship to the states. Where can I buy these parts?

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I would suggesting contacting SM anyway, they might be back ordered or still be able to get you the parts.

Thank you, I will contact them. I was hoping there was an alternative to SM, where we can simply buy parts without exchanging emails, but I guess that’s only reserved for EU :slight_smile:

A couple years ago there is a direct order page thru Sweet Maria’s coffeeshrub.com commercial site but I managed to lose the link. If you find it maybe you can post it here!


Another source is Julio’s web site:

The exhaust fan impeller is $37.50 but shows as sold out.

Here ia a link to another site in Poland that says that they have it in stock and ship world-wide:

Thank you, I didn’t know about anyone else besides SM that is selling parts in the states.

Julio used to work for SM. (and maybe stilll does, I don’t know) he was the main resource for things Aillio bullet at SM.

He appears on this forum now and then.

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Little Julio’s is the best. You can email him too for parts and also for warranty work.

I just tried Little Julio’s site and it’s gone. The Coffee Machine Sales one is still active.

Sweet Marias sells parts for the Bullet. They had the exhaust fan in stock a week ago. I bought one before I removed every other blade of the fan for a hack I was working on. (just in case)