Where to order exhaust fan motor replacement in US?

Hi! I have a problem with my exhaust fan motor, the plate warped and the screws won’t hold it onto the frame properly. I’d like to order a replacement, but can’t find a place to do that within the US. Any help?

I believe Sweet Marias coffee has all the parts

Hmm, I tried both Sweet Maria’s and Docent Coffee, and found videos about how to replace it, but no way to order. I’ve emailed Sweet Maria’s, maybe they have some secret way to do it.

It was a different part but the last time I needed something Sweet Maria’s sent me to a separate (parts only) site to order what I needed. You need to contact them to get that info (it sounds like you have). Julio Nungaray is the guy that makes it happen but his boss was the one that created the invoice & arranged payment (I used PayPal as I recall).


Andrew, did you email [email protected] or a different address?

A different one. I’ll try that one too, although I’m sure they’ll figure it out on Monday either way - sweetmarias folks are relentlessly awesome. Thanks!

I did indeed get excellent help from sweetmarias folks. I only had to ask. Thanks for the advice!