Windows 32bit freezing up on RoasTime v2.5

Has anyone else had this issue with RoasTime v2.5 Stable, freezing up during the Preheat?
I tried to do my first roast today, and this happened twice!

will try with Windows 7 Pro 64Bit tomorrow, and see if it’s stable!

I would try the RT3 instead, this has fixed some stability problems and soon it will become the default RoasTime.

Please see this post from the very top:


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The issue is that RoasTime v3 doesn’t sync the recipes I’ve saved in my Dashboard; I did try it before down grading to v2.5, and they appeared again!

updated the Roaster Firmware, and tried my other Laptop which has Windows 7 64 Bit, but failed to install the drivers. Went back to the 32 Bit laptop, and amazingly it went through the entire roast without hanging, so the Firmware upgrade may well have cured it; time will tell!

the RoasTime software hung again today, so upgraded my OS to Windows 10, and it ran through without issue.

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