Firmward Updated Successful however no lights are showing up on the roaster


I updated the firmware as instructed and then it gave me a notification to unplug the power of the roaster before first use. When I plugged it back in, I donot see any lights anymore and it doesn’t show that the roaster is connected to the software. Can you help?

that happened to me briefly before my first roast (last night). It was a bit unnerving to say the least. I turned it off and on a couple times. Then unhooked it from my pc (and removed LED) and restarted again and switched what outlet it was in. It started back up and displayed rES on the machine. Hasn’t happened again.

Dear Cushdan,

this just happened to me. I tried your steps and still nothing … can you help

many thanks


Unplug the USB cable to the computer and power cycle a couple of times and report back…I always power cycle twice with no USB connected when updating firmware.

Hi Stuart,

I did a few power cycles to no avail … also checked fuse which is still intact which explains why the exhaust fan is still functional

I ll try again tomorrow hopefully it works

The only other suggestion I have is to find the thread here which mentions doing a force reload of firmware but I would wait for Aillio or @jacob to bless that after gathering the relevant facts.

Sorry I don’t think I did anything more than those steps and I don’t have much confidence there was anything special about the steps beyond turning off and on again. Try posting your version details and the steps you did though. Maybe something will jump out as amiss.

Many thanks Cushdan and Stuart …reading thru this forum, it looks like i am not the only one having non functional roaster following firmware update … hopefully @jacob can help resolving this glitch soon … running dangerously low on freshly roasted coffee

I replied to your ticket on Zendesk. As stated there, it’s likely that a part of the firmware update was corrupted somehow and you will need to enter bootloader mode.

Manual reboot works!!! Wohoooooo thanks Aillio team and this forum

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Hey im having trouble as well, whats the manual reboot?

Please contact @jacob or @kafei at Aillio … they will give you a download link with instruction … pretty straight forward steps

Unplug the micro USB
then shut down and turn the roaster back on.

Fixed for me.