IBTS... To clean or not to clean? That is the question


For Bullets with the new IBTS, is there an official recommendation as to cleaning the inside face (IBTS) of the Bullet. The IBTS is said to be self cleaning. On older machines, there is a recommendation to clean the inside every 10kg roasts. I assume that since the IBTS is self cleaning that the every 10kg cleaning recommendation no longer applies.

Is there an official recommendation. It is not clear to me in the updated manual 2.8 .


My new IBTS is still receiving coffee oil build-up and I need to clean it every 25 lbs (10-11 kg). I’m curious to see if anyone else’s new IBTS is seeing coffee oil build up?


If you see that your FC temperatures are suddenly different then you should inspect the sensor and clean it with a cotton bud and a drop of alcohol. We are investigating why some IBTSs still have a little residue on them. One of the theories is that dust while filling the hopper travels down the side and is being sucked into the micro fan and then onto the sensor.

RT 2.3.0 beta