Is a 570 m3/h (334 cfm) kitchen hood a sufficient venting solution when planning to roast inside the house?

Hi all. I’m considering an Ailio Bullet. Because of limited space, I need to roast inside the house.

I don’t mind smells in the house that much, but my partner is more sensitive and I wouldn’t want to inconvenience her. I also of course don’t want to bother my neighbours.

My kitchen hood fan goes up to a max of 570 m/3 (334 cfm) and vents outside.

I’m also considering adding a fume extraction system like the Hakko FA430-15, which can do 282 m3/h (165cfm).

Thoughts on whether the kitchen hood would be sufficient to mitigate some of the smell both inside the house?


@emilebptn Take a look at this thread: Exhaust hood options - #17 by bab

@bradm and I both roast inside our respective homes using a vent hood without much problems. The only additional mod I made after posting my picture of my setup in the above thread is a semi-ridge duct to direct the cooling tray exhaust closer to the vent hood (I will update the above thread next time I roast with a new picture).

I don’t think you can 100% eliminate the smell but opening up some windows to have cross ventilation during your roasting would help. If you do a search there is also a second thread on venting hacks. Do look around on some of the existing discussion threads.

Thanks @blacklabs. In the afore-mentioned thread you mention that your kitchen hood operates at up to 900 cfm, whereas mine only goes up to 334 cfm. What’s your impression of what you’ve seen roasting underneath your kitchen hood — would 334 cfm be sufficient, given a similar duct setup to guide the smoke into the hood?

Edit: corrected to 900 cfm.

My kitchen hood operates at up to 900 cfm with 6 level settings. I don’t roast dark, usually up to City+. During my seasoning roasts where Aillio recommends roasting to past second crack, I had to bump up my setting to 5 or 6, and when I did back to back seasoning roasts my smoke detector did go off once. Yesterday’s roasting to City+ I had the setting at 4 or 5. Keep in mine I didn’t have any mods to the exhaust at the top of the roaster to direct the exhaust closer to the hood. The mod I made yesterday was a semi-rigid duct from the cooling tray’s fan to direct that exhaust closer to the hood vent.

As others mentioned in that thread, if you attach a duct to the top exhaust make sure there is an air gap. I think @bradm 's vent hood is a lower cfm one and it works well for him. If you have a window nearby open it if you’re not in a cold climate like I am in New England - it’ll help.

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Thanks @blacklabs! Your kitchen hood’s 900 cfm is quite a bit higher than my kitchen hood’s 334 cfm, so looking for the opinions of others too.

Check out this thread for a bunch of great info on this topic: Exhaust hood options

Thanks @bradm! That’s definitely a useful thread. Given that your range hood has levels of 300/510/680 cfm (500/860/1160 m3/hr), I’m worry about the fact that my maximum level of 334 cfm is just a big higher than your lowest level of 300 cfm. I’m not sure that’s going to cut it.

If all else fails: I can get one of these guys, clocking in at 935 cfm.

I can’t tell (since the website is not in English) if that will exhaust the fumes outside? You may not need the full 935 cfm all the time so hopefully it has different levels. Additionally at higher cfm you need make-up air in your house/apartment so crack open a window for that (one that is across the room works well).

It doesn’t vent the air outside, it filters the air, at a capacity of 935 cfm. I found an English website:

Thanks for the link, but I can’t comment on how well that is going to work as that looks like an air purifier type device. Most of us find a way to vent the exhaust to the outside.

@blacklabs yes it is an air cleaner. Alright, thanks!

Please also share a photo of your “kitchen hood hack” :pray:

I just posted a new picture to Exhaust hood options - #41 by blacklabs

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Very late, but thank you @blacklabs!