RoasTime 3 Release Official Thread

Hi, this currently isn’t available yet. But we do have it in the backlog.

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Thanks! Is deleting roasts also in that backlog?

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I’m having the same issue, the bars go wacky after auto-adjust.

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@ryweller @dllorenss I am working on this now. If you set the X Axis in the config to a larger value so it doesn’t auto-adjust it should fix it as a temporary solution. Thanks!


Anybody else having problems with RT3 syncing with I still can’t get my roasts to show up online at (or Aillio help hasn’t been helpful at all.

Hey @Roastwithme.sf - The roasts show up locally, but not in RW? Mind joining our slack? I can help you out there.

Yep. That happened to me yesterday. Clicked “cycle to preheat” and the machine went into Off mode. Had to click PRS button through to Cooling and leave the drum to cool. Please fix Aillio.