RoasTime 3 Release Official Thread


Are you looking for the roast ID or json files or something else? Thanks.



You can just send me the links you are seeing.



Hey @wngsprd, sorry - I haven’t had a chance to look at your issue yet, had a bit of an important issue with firmware updating on windows. I will get to your issue soon! You should join our slack and feel free to annoy me on there.


None of these have synced to


No option to keep, Bitdefender deletes it immediately.


I’ve been using RoasTime 2 just to log roasts. No recipes or anything like that. Just to keep track and reference and plan ahead.

I logged in online, saw everything there already. Downloaded and logged into RT3 and I didn’t have any problems. Only thing is that there is an option to register/login with Google on the website but not on the program, only FB. I don’t really use FB.

Did 3 back to back roasts how I usually do it. What threw me off & I’m like 99% positive I pressed overlay like I usually do but it was changing the settings for me from the overlay one.

The other thing that I wish I saw is that if it’s predicting the lines then to calculate the time until FC on a set FC temp that you set since it’s always a little bit different from bean to bean. I would set an average temp of like 385 on the IBTS and I’d wish I can see how close or far I am to the FC time so I can make adjustments accordingly. It’s one step closer to kind of getting those Artisan functions I was used to in the past.


I think I may have seen the same thing.


During a roast clicked on the info button, went to the log tab. It was empty. Clicked the copy button nonetheless, pasted the same in a .txt file and there was nothing there.


Did you roaster error? That log table is an error log.


Hey @onajanecoffee

Those roasts should be in there now - looks like the sync script crashed on a couple days.



Hey @wngsprd

Can you try re-logging into RT3 and see if that fixes your issue? Re-logging in should force a full sync. If not, please join our slack here:

and I can help you get sorted.



I just went through the backup and upgrade process to v3.0.74, but I am not getting the link to import my recipes like it showed in the video. Any suggestions?



Thanks for looking into this.

Doesn’t look like it’s fixed. I logged off and on RT3 several times this afternoon, waiting over an hour before logging in one time. I also logged off and back onto Beta RW.

I then roasted two batches and could not pull up the Bean for either of them on RT3…however, RT filled in the wrong bean for me and I can’t delete it now (Ethiopia DP Benti Nenka shows incorrectly as Ethiopia Organic Sidama Shantawene Village).

I also noticed that the last 8 Beans I added into inventory show “(Delete Me)” as the name of the vendor. I believe all of them should be “Sweet Maria’s”.

I looked back at the Burundi DP Murambi roast of 10/18/20 that shows “(Unknown)” in Roast History but in the Edit screen the Bean drop down shows “bc89779f-9571-441b-…?” I saw similar things on others.

I didn’t have time to get into the Slack earlier, but will try now.


I don’t have the Slack app, so couldn’t figure how to get in.


Ok. So, as of now, unless there is an error, the log is empty. With RT2, there used to be some text there that I uses to copy during PH just in case there was an error and I was asked for the log entries.


As I understand it, this is an issue with the Import link being located in the “most recent viewed” box… there has to be at least one recently viewed roast listed before the link will be visible. So just click on a roast profile, then Return (upper left). When the page refreshes you should have one recently viewed roast listed plus the Import link.



Thank you, Bruce…you were spot on!



You may have already resolved this Ijameti, but are you sure it’s not just quarantined? I had the same issue in Bitdefender and it was quarantined and an option to install it anyway, was available.


Matt, I created backups from 2.5.7. Started 3.0.74 and restored from back up.

Recipes came in no problem. I was missing roasts I had completed that day, so I restored profiles. Had a bunch of dupes and unknowns.

To fix this, I deleted all the roasts in 3.0.74, then restored profiles again, but only checked profiles that had names. Everything came in perfect, no dupes and no unknowns.

I believe all the unknowns are deleted/aborted roasts. I assume these were from when I was testing things like fan RPMs/flow rate, drum RPMs since some were nearly 20 minutes long and my roasts generally are 8-10 min.

All told, maybe 10 min and pretty easy. Thanks.


Mac OSX Mojave, MacBook Air (2012).


This is what everybody is looking for. It should be on the main instructions or at least pinned. Thank you @bab.