RoasTime 3 Release Official Thread


I use the Recipe feature on all of my roasts. I had no problems with RT2.x . However, with RT 3.0.76 I am having issues. I have done 2 roasts now and I have had to go manual as the Recipe program triggers stop working. Here is the Recipe program in am using:

Preheat 265C P9,F1,D8 (success)
0:00:05 P1 (success)
0:01:10 P9 (success)
IR 170C and 0:01:15 F2 (this did not trigger)
IR 185C and 0:01:15 P8 (this did not trigger)
IR 190C and 0:01:15 P7 (this did not trigger)
IR 195C and 0:01:15 P6 (this did not trigger)
IR 212C and 0:01:15 F3 (this did not trigger)
IR 214C and 0:01:15 P5 (this did not trigger)
IR 216C and 0:01:15 F4 (this did not trigger)

This type of recipe worked in RT 2.x

Update: I tried another roast and carefully entered the recipe triggers. I made a few changes in the variables. Same result. No IR based triggers.

What should I do? Reload RT3.x? Try a different trigger method? Any ideas?


A few things I’m noticing right off the bat:

  1. Search seems to not be working correctly. I typed “Untitled” so I could try to delete all my untitled roasts at once but instead it gave me a mix of titled and untitled roasts, and my my recent untitled roast disappeared for some reason.

  2. Deletion is pretty slow, maybe because it’s deleting from the server as well, but I remember it being faster in the old version. It deletes entries one at a time even when you bulk delete.



Just to quickly answer a couple of these:

  1. Untitled roasts dont actually have a name on the record (“Untitled” is generated in the UI), so when the search is shooting off - it cant search for particular query. I will add this to my todos.

  2. Deletion happens both offline and on server, which is what you had guessed. This will be improved to happen in the background in the future, but it is the safest/quickest way to guarantee both stay in sync in the meantime.


Matthew, a few notes:

  • I know many don’t have the ET probe installed. I see in 3.0, the temp value is shown numerically at the top, can we get the graph back if the probe is installed? It helps me to get a sense for how the ambient temp is affecting the roaster.

  • I think this has been asked for already, but when running a recipe, it would be nice to see the name of the recipe that is running

  • the active roast pop-up is a bit excessive. Seems to pop up every time I change screens. Can you at least have it disappear after a couple seconds?




Hello and thanks to everyone for a forum to help us to use our Bullet Roasters.

One of the great features of a Bullet Community and a dedicated site is the ability to playback profiles that you download from other users. I’ve downloaded a number of profiles to try but only two of them are displayed in RT3 where I can use them. Is there a way to transfer my “saved roasts” from Roast World to my RT3? Am I missing a method that I can do it myself?



Hey @geoffreychilds

When did you download them? This should have been migrated by a background job. I will run the past couple weeks again to force any that may have been missed.



Hey @Ebae

Your ET graph isn’t showing up? It should be displaying only if you have the probe installed and there is data to show.


I definitely have an ET probe, as I can watch the numeric value I need the legend area…but nothing is being plotted.


There are still 10 of 14 saved roast profiles from other users that do not sync with my RoasTime account. It’s not critical but it would be nice if this feature transferred desired profiles to playback.



Hi everyone, @matthew, @jacob,

First of all, sorry for the long question list.

  1. Where can I find documentation of Roastime 3, describing all new features, options, etc… For example, what’s bean predict option? And primary measure option ?

  2. From which probe the ROR data are derived from ? Bean thermocouple (by the way, can you please provide its diameter?) Or IBTS probe measurements ?

  3. Is there a way, and if not, is it planned, to switch between standard probe ROR and IBTS probe ROR curves, or even display both ?

  4. Is there a way, and if not, is it planned, to adjust the ROR parameters, as in Artisan, for improving the curve ? This can be very helpful to find out specific timings.

  5. Is there a way to get all data from a roast as CSV file, with all temperature measurements and specific events such as power/fan adjustments.

  6. Is it planned to be able, on a roast, to display the DTR at a specific time (after 1st crack for sure…)

  7. Is it possible to know the exact timings of power/fan/drum adjustments?

  8. Why not add the possibility to have more power adjustments, P0 to PF, and offering more fine tuning?

  9. I see posts talking about ET probe. Is it about an exit temperature probe as displayed in RT? How to upgrade the bullet with this HW ? Do you have technical instructions about what probe to use, where to connect (empty J13 connector?), Calibration, and if there is (will be) to show live ET ROR curve ?

That’s enough for the moment…



I also have an et probe installed and like Ebae Rt3 shows the numerical value but does not graph


Hi François, I will try to answer some of these.

  1. but the documentation is not finished yet. Once it is ready it will be posted under docs

  2. Bean probe. 3.5mm diameter

  3. It is planned to be able to have both, but the IBTS is giving too fluctuating readings this time so we have not enabled them.

  4. No not this time. We have thought of implementing a smoothing to the graph on RT that you could overlay, but not to the real time data. I think there is a good balance between delay and noise right now.

  5. Yes we plan on having an export function like we had on the old RW.

  6. I am not sure what you mean by this

  7. You can see that on the bottom left on the legends of the power fan drum speeds

  8. We have thought about this a lot but there are a lot of difficulties with changing this when we already have 100000+ profiles on RW and we all want them to be compatible between new V1, V1.5 and V2 machines. There is also the question of how to control it without having to click 20 times to go from 0-20. It is not impossible to implement but it is not a high priority at the moment.

  9. This probe is really not required. The people I have talked to did not get any benefit from adding it to their bullet. It goes into a connector next to the bean probe.


Just a comment here about the new version of RoasTime… I’m in the middle of a roasting session right now. My beans from a second batch were cooling and the software had this nice screen that said “Go to previous roast” or “Cycle to preheat mode”. I thought to myself, “that’s nice… let’s cycle to preheat.” So I clicked it. The machine cycled to OFF mode… not shutdown, or cooldown… OFF!! I would have expected it to do what the F1 -> PRS combination on the panel usually does. Fortunately, I was able to quickly power back on into preheat mode… but I completely lost control over the cooling tray fan, so my beans took quite a while to cool down.

Anyways, see this as a WARNING to everyone on RoasTime 3 (and hopefully a bug report to the software developers)… that button doesn’t do what you think it does. Be careful!!


Hey @mttjhn - thanks for the heads up. The button was going directly to preheat before, but turned out a bit buggy, so was reverted to work the same way that RT2 was working for the time being in that it basically is like hitting the PRS button once each time you click it.

This is something I will add to my list.



Thanks @matthew, if I pressed the PRS button, it would usually go to SHUTDOWN, right? When I clicked the pre-heat cycle button on the software, the roaster went straight to OFF mode, not shutdown.

Anyways, for now the workaround is easy, and I’m used to going into back-to-back mode using the panel on the roaster anyways. Just wanted to alert folks to this since it wasn’t intuitive.


Which version are you running? Are you on the latest? Thanks for alerting!


I’m on v3.0.78. Thanks!


Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the answers.

.1. Ok, I’ll wait. May be you can just tell me what’s bean predict option? And primary measure option ?
.4. Ok. why not let the possibility, under an advanced options tab, to the user to be able to try and experiment different parameters? In some cases this can help revealing ‘hidden’ behaviours.
.5. Great!
.6. On a finished roast chart, will it be a way to know the DTR at a specific time, using the mouse pointer. When clicking on a time slot, we are able to know what were the temps, speed, power etc. Ie. 1st crack was @ 9min and be clicking around 10min, displaying 10% DTR.
.7. Thanks!
.8. This challenge comes to my mind while writing the question…
For the speed of change, long press on +/- for fast incremental, then the value blinks with the possibility of still changing for say 1 or 2s, waiting confirmation with another button press. Or fast successive press on +/- to a target value, and only applied after 1-2s.
.9. Ok. But if I want to try it by myself, can you provide me the HW details, by PM?

I have other questions:
.10. I used a basic power meter to estimate the percentage of the maximum power each Of represents. My conclusion is, rule of thumb, PX represents about (X*10)+10 %
Am I good? Maybe you can give the real formula?
Same question with the fan (calibrated V2)
.11. why is there such a gap between the IBTS and thermocouple, even at the end of a roast?


  1. Shows a prediction of the bean or IBTS temp depending on which option you choose.
  2. It is a priority, what do we think is important to work on. This was deemed a very low priority and we have focused on other more important features.
  3. I will add this to possible new features.
  4. Please contact, I do not have the guide.
  5. 350W + (Setting-1) * 150W
  6. Because the probe is not fast enough and not coupled thermally to beans very well. It also depends on your charge weight.



RT3 prompted me to ipgrade to .78 today.

I noticed that if i cancel a recipe, to change to a different one, when I click on the new recipe to use, it does not indicate that it’s being used on the roast screen. In order to see the button on the bottom right, I had to shut RT down and restart.

We really need to be able to see the name of the recipe that is loaded on the roast screen…