RoasTime 3 Release Official Thread

I saw that with Recipes as well.


Would be great to see the profile/roast name during replay as well. During back to back roasts I often start by replaying an earlier roast, make a few tweaks realtime and replay the last roast as I move along. At times, without any names displayed, I get confused.

BTW, RT3 has made replaying roasts a breeze and way more flexible to use. Once I have honed on a profile for a particular bean, replay has become my favourite mode of roasting.

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Hi @jacob

Thanks a lot for your answers.

1 I tried the prediction of the beans, but the dashed line keeps on thermocouple curve, even if the primary measure is on IBTS. (Maybe it needs a restart between option changes)
4 I will try to have more information with the support
5 thanks for PX function. Is there the same for calibrated fan speed ?
6 For the thermocouple delta with IBTS, I forgot that I noticed that while roasting only 350 g of green coffee…
7 Yesterday I lost one batch and did a ‘blind’ roast because of RT3…78 crashes in roast mode. I don’t know if it’s due to my HW (PC) or a sw bug.

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Your issue sounds to one @bab mentioned to me. I am working on it now. I will see if I can fit in adding the names in this coming release.

Hey @Jaysidi - on #1, the IBTS prediction isn’t currently implemented and right now that config just changes where the milestones are marked.

Can you give more details on how it crashed?

I have RT3 v78 installed on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.10. The bullet is currently not attached to either computer. Looking at “Roast History”, Windows 10 displays the bean correctly, but Ubuntu displays “Unknown”. When I edit the roast (via Ubuntu) the bean has a cryptic entry.
When I login to via Firefox (Windows or Ubuntu) the bean is correctly displayed.
The “unknown” is only for my last 2 roasts (b2b). Ubuntu displays the beans correctly prior to this.

Can you try syncing your beans from the Bean section in RT3? There is a button in the top right.

I pressed the sync button in RT3, no change. I also restarted the application, the bean is still ‘unknown’.

I checked my bean list in RT3. The bean “Ehtiopia Guji Uraga Yabitu” (yes there is a misspelling), shows up on the Windows RT3, but not the Ubuntu RT3 bean list. I also rebooted Ubuntu after syncing the beans.

I have the correct bean showing in both Windows and Ubuntu now. I discovered, that the bean was not listed as my own. After I corrected the typo, made it one of my beans and synced the beans, both Windows and Ubuntu show the same data. All is well in the world again.

I just had some random beans added to the My Beans section on - Acatenango Gesha Lot 2, two instances and they don’t appear in my bean list in RoastTime so I’m guessing it’s some kind of mismatch to the Unknown Bean placeholder, though I only have one entry for Unknown Bean in RT. Not a big deal to me but I thought you should know.

Is there a way to delete beans in the application or the web view?
I’m using the OS X version, 3.0.78


I have installed RoasTime 3 on my roasting machine (old Windows 7 PC with no Internet connection). It looks like I lost all my profiles after the upgrade. I followed the guide and backed them up before installing RT3 but I don’t see any option to restore the profiles. I’m using a guest account since I have no Internet connectivity.
Is there a way to manually copy the profiles so I can see them in RT3?

for some reason you cannot sync your downloaded Roast World recipes using this latest v3; they just don’t appear, so downgraded to v2.5, and they all appear again in RoasTime!

Do you mean that the saved roasts does not show up in RoasTime V3?

Old recipes from V2.5 needs to be manually backed up and imported to V3, but once they are in V3 they will sync to

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Hi, thanks for letting us know about this. Sorry for not responding earlier I haven’t check this thread as much as the official Beta RW thread.

I’ve fixed this issue for you. It should show up as “unknown bean” now.

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Looking forward to the roast analyzer :slight_smile:

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The roasts from v2 must manually be migrated over. To download roasts to v3, you must also use the new

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The button to add them is actually on the “Recently viewed profiles” section, so if you click on a profile and go back to the dashboard it should show there for you.

Hi @matthew,

Thanks for your answers.

Sorry but as I was a little bit not really concentrated when it crashed, I don’t have much details to give you.
Can’t even remember if it was in PH mode or in roasting mode. Maybe at the beginning on roasting. I didn’t take a screenshot at this time.

I did few roasts since then, without troubles.

Between the two sessions I have just played with the driver and artisan, switching between libusb and winusb with the tool I have downloaded from Aillio I think, can’t remember the name.

Horrific issue; My usb cable got nocked 10 minutes into a roast and the 3.0.80 software asked me to stop and restart. It then refused to show me what the roaster was doing. Just show me the output at this point don’t ask me to start roasting again. version 2 would just start back up with a time break. I think that is the correct solution.