Segmentation Fault when loading RoasTime AppImage

I try to run RoasTime 4.6.36 (for linux) on ElementaryOS but got “segmentation fault” message.

I 've been using RoasTime on ElementaryOS for months with no problem.

Any suggestion would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance

I try

sudo ./RoasTime-4.6.36.AppImage --no-sandbox

I got the blank window of RoasTime.

Can you try backing up these 2 directories, then removing them:

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/roast-time
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/RoasTime

and starting again to see if it starts up?

This sounds similar to another user who found an issue with the screen size causing a Segfault on the latest version: Roastime crashing

It works. Thanks.

By the way, my system doesn’t have ~/Library/Application/…

so I do this

rm -rf ~/.config/RoasTime
rm -rf ~/.config/roast-time

then run appimage and it works :slight_smile:

After launching the app, it sync with server and everything looks good. Do I have to restore the backup files?

Nope - you are good. FYI, I found the issue here: Roastime crashing - #6 by mcaillio