V2 Induction Board: ErC 256/512/480


Got an email from Aillio saying that they would be sending a replacement board. This pandemic though is messing up with the shipping and related timeline. On a positive note, looks like a simple replacement and looking at related posts, there haven’t been any recurence once the faulty boards are identified and replaced.

The fact that most of the repairs are DIY is actually raising my confidence further on the Bullet. I’d dread having to ship a roaster for servicing or to wait for technicians to come and do their thing at my end.


Everything I’ve had to deal with so far has been that way. Which is not to say I’ll be able to do everything that comes up (the thought I could some day have to replace the cable from the power board to the control panel makes me want to check shipping cost back to Sweet Maria’s!).



I can say for my part, I just got a replacement induction board a few weeks ago, and everything has been working well so far (fingers crossed!)

Don’t know where firmware will be at when you get your board, but as an FYI I needed to upgrade to beta 558 immediately, otherwise I got Err32 overheat warnings b/c the threshold is set a bit too low in the floor version.


Thank you. Was wondering if the FW needs to be updated after the board is replaced. You answered that befor I asked. :slight_smile:


Please Aillio send me a new board if it’s the solution. More than one week without roasting it’s not good for the business. :crossed_fingers: