RoasTime Release Log

v4 - Download Here

This is the first official release of Roast Time. We took the awesome feedback from the past few months in the previous version(s) and overhauled our user interface in Roast Time. All previous version are no longer compatible due to the new Aillio ID features.

We will release a tool in the coming weeks to transfer any roasts that did not automatically transfer over from the beta versions.


  • Complete interface redesign and implementation
  • USB stability improvements and resolutions

Known bugs:

  • Password resets not sending
  • Bean selection UI issues (each bean is its own dropdown)
  • Bean name in dashboard table is an id instead of the name
  • Auto update gives an error notification on success
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v4 - Download Here

Various hotfixes and issues resolved. If you are on 2.0.0, you will be auto updated after some time in application.


  • Password reset fixed
  • Bean selection UI issue fixed
  • Bean name shows correctly

v4 - Download Here

Various hotfixes as well as the roast importing tool.


  • Roast importing tool from both Windows and Beta
  • Roast replay sometimes never stopped fix
  • Missing roast modes bug fix

v2.0.3 - OSX Download Here - Linux Download Here - Windows Download Here

Linux release, various hotfixes and the live roaster debugging tool.


  • Added in Roaster Logger/Debugger with ability copy errors to clipboard
  • Fix roasts that were affected by temperature changes.
  • Fix fan dial changing to ‘B’
  • Fix dials going to 0, minimum setting is 1
  • Fix preheat temp in post roast to be drum setting, not probe
  • Fix temperature change duplicating
  • Fix preheat temp based on temperature settings
  • Fix profiles not syncing after update
  • Windows release
  • Linux release
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v2.0.4 - OSX Download Here - Linux Download Here - Windows 32 Bit Download Here - Windows 64 Bit Download Here

Fixes for roast importing, 32 bit windows release, and various updates to filters.


  • Added ability to import roasts from Windows export
  • Added 32 bit version
  • Added persistent filters on roast history
  • Added pagination to roast history
  • Added ability to filter roasts by bean name

v4 - Download Here

Critical white screen issue from imported roasts and other hotfixes


  • Fix “blank screen” for some users caused by importing roasts
  • USB performance updates (potential fix for “missing data” bugs reported)
  • Added clear on click to search query
  • Fix pagination issues
  • Fix ROR not changing on conversion from C->F
  • Fix search being case sensitive
  • Fix for transparent settings in light mode

Loaded 2.0.5. It appears I can only do a roast and not re-use an old profile. How can I look at/replay an existing profile from ver. 1?

Hey Robert,

If you are looking at one of your previous roasts - there is some text under the roast name on the left under “View or edit profile details” which says “Replay roast profile”. Clicking on this should set that profile as a replay.

Let me know if you are having issues finding this.

When I use the V2.05,yesterday is ok, but there is no button to mark the yellow point,FC Point…while roasting today. The same problem occurred at Ver2.04.

What are the minimum requirements for OSX 2.0.5?

You didn’t by chance check the boxes for them in the settings that hide them, did you?

OS 10.10 (Yosemite).

In RT 2.0.6 Mac, my roast ID numbers have all turned to “random” 5 letter strings. I assume this is not as intended…

v2.0.6 - OSX Download Here - Linux Download Here - Windows 32 Bit - Windows 64 Bit


  • Fix blocky lines when roasting in F
  • Fix profiles syncing as F
  • Allow filtering on all pages bug fix
  • GUID conflicts on import fix
  • Add logged in user’s email to account settings
  • Add About screen with version number to windows toolbar
  • Switch roast numbers to UIDs
  • Add temperatures to milestones
  • Allow editing of milestones post roast
  • Fix roasts not showing up post roast due to persisted filters cache
  • Add better logging for firmware updates
  • Start adding bulk editing features (just deletion right now)
  • Allow app reopen from dock on OSX

Hey Peter,

This actually is intended (they are a short UID for debugging, but we have discussed and will remove it from the UI in the next version).

Hey Matthew,

Something needs to be done about the so-called automatic downloader for new software. The notice keeps coming up while I’m roasting, even though I’m running ver. 2.05. This is annoying, to say the least. I’ve also had the software (ver 2.05) spontaneously stop the roast, shutting down the roaster, including the cooling fans. Power cycling and restarting saves the machine, but the effect on the roast is unknowable. This is seriously killing the fun. I will download version 2.0.6 and see how it does

FWIW, I’m running OSX 10.14.1

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v2.0.7 (BETA) - OSX Download Here - Windows 64 Bit Download Here - Windows 32 Bit Download Here


  • Fix wrong temperature readings in milestones post roast
  • Add auto logging framework
  • Add opt in/out for logging
  • Dependency upgrades
  • Remove auto updating
  • Add manual update to menu
  • Add settings to overlays
  • Adjust marking of settings
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I removed the auto downloading in 2.0.7. There will be a single check for updates on application opening with a 1 minute delay, but will not be auto downloaded anymore. There is now a menu item called “Update”. I also spent tons of time adding in a logging framework so we can help you guys solve these issues we are unable to replicate.


just a quick question,
I can not find the FC botton on the roast time
can you help me?

v2.0.8 (BETA) - OSX Download Here - Windows 64 Bit Download Here - Windows 32 Bit Download Here

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